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Peterbilt 351 w / Peerless logging trailer

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I wouldn´t call this build finished but I came across the opportunity of letting my logger photographed with better photographic equipment than I have.

It was on occasion of our regular model building weekend when a couple of model building friends get together without wifes and kids and spend the whole weekend building truck models.

Here´s what I am talking about...


The model still needs some touch ups but these pictures are the best I can offer.









The cab, the engine with gearbox and aux gearbox, the drives and wheels and the fuel tank is resin stuff by Pavel Behensky of Strato Models. The frame, battery box, some of interior parts, the radiator, the front bumper and grille and the fenders are scratchbuilt. The headlights lenses and fenders skin is of PE parts by CTM. Peerless logging trailer is the AMT kit modified by Muleskinner´s tutorial. Painted with CAT equipment yellow rattle can and weathered with Revell colors using a sponge and old brush. Also the AK Interactive effects. The mud is by Sira Hobby.

This is the photo booth...


The model does not represent any particular truck, the imagination is involved a great deal. Sorry for any inaccuracies. The nearest parking lot with this kind of vehicle is a thousand miles from here or more.

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First let me tell you how envious I am of you for having such great group of friends. Man, I wish there was some like minded people like that close to me.

The truck looks fabulous , I think it looks better then the real ones that use to rumble by back in Washington state.

You really did a Top Notch job on it !

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I dont know what Im more jealous of, hanging out (in person) with a group of truck builders, or having built this magnificent replica of one of my favorite trucks. The pit fender/butterfly hood is my favorite feature on any truck, but put on a needle nose Pete is the icing on the cake. Great job Jarda.

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Like several of the others that said they were envious of your weekend model building session with friends. I guess I am also in that group.

You are every lucky( all of you) to have understanding wifes and such good friends to share the hobby with.

I followed you build of this truck from the begining. I truly enjoyed it and also learned a few things. But now seeing the truck again. I can only say I love it.

The details that you added are really cool.

Are you going to take it to Jabeke?

Be Well


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Thank you guys for your kind words. I just realised that I put this thread to the wrong section. It should be in the "Under Glass".

If I may ask administrator to move it to where it belongs. I´m sorry for my mistake.

To Gordon: I´m sorry to say so but the whole batch of the cabs is sold out and there won´t be no reissue.

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