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need help about a 76 chevy van

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hello at all...

i have a question about a 76 chevy van i like to build a amt van but the body looks incorect i have too add the embosings(do not know this is the right word) in the roof sheet i think i have made 6 of this.

i have search for some pictures and have see some difference in the site panels of the body...

here is picture what i mean


some vans have this embosing i marked in red and some not...

can anybody tell me some details about that?

greetings maik

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That crease in the side panels was added to the kit for the A-Team version, which is an early '80s GMC. It wasn't originally on the kit in the '70s.

Pretty sure it was added on the real vans in '77, a '76 shouldn't have it.

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Actually, the side reinforcement came on the 77 and newer Chevrolet vans Less known was a cargo door modification too. 1978 brought both a re designed dash board and tail lamps in addition to a grille that was overall bulkier . I was manufacturing van accessories at the time and the dash re design threw us off until we could get caught up .

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