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Revell 56 Ford F-100-Now Under Glass-01/02

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A washer as a brake disc-clever idea Joe.

Was just about to say the same... Great idea and I can't believe I never thought of it lol. I have tins of washers in the shed!

Looking great Joe. Another thing for spindles (if you don't have brass handy of course) is the plastic tube of an ear bud (you guys call them q-tips i think?).

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Thanks Dan! Hopefully this thing is ready for the show in October.

JC: Thanks for the encouragement from you as well. I used the theory about 23 years ago on a build but never carried it further than just throwing a washer on the hub. No caliper and no brake lines. I thought I'd re-visit the idea and do it as right as I could this time.

Tim: I'm movin' slow on this thing but hopefully progress will pick up a little when all of the engineering is over with. Will be watching for the results of the Spaz Stix. I've gotta order some for myself as well but have to wait a little bit. I unloaded a lot of cash at the Houston show. :mellow: Ask Dan....................he'll tell you all about it.

Greg: Thanks pal. I've got plans................sSig_Muahaha_zps56835599.gif

Carl: And I thank you sir. I don't know about that "easy" part. lol I still manage to pull off my share of stooopid stuff. Like this #45 right in the middle of the floor pan in the pic below. icon_bagoverhead.GIF I ended up fixing it but what an oversight.


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Thanks Justin!

Jim: Thank you as well and I enjoyed the conversation as well buddy. Looking forward to talking to you again.

Well folks it looks like this is starting to look doable.

The basic set up here with the master cylinder/ brake booster set up:



I primed the front brake rotors (washers) with black gloss yesterday and shot 'em with a coat of Alclad today. You'll notice that I flattened one side of the washers. This allows my calipers to sit perfectly on the rotors instead of looking like they are resting on the outside edge of them. I also cut some brass rod to .180" length to mount the rotors onto. The short length allowed for the "step down" to mount up the wheels later. Today I'll be drilling out the brake calipers for brake lines and painting the calipers red. I removed the chrome from both of the calipers yesterday in order to prep for all of the painting.


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Now I see what you were discribing to me on the phone Joe. Great idea on the brake setup. I really like what you did with the brake booster assembly to. I'm really enjoying following along with you on this project.

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Thank you Greg, Dan and Jim! Today I had to work on something that would yield tangible results...............so I switched over to the rear tires. I painted the white lettering, lightly sanded the letter tops after the paint dried to level the paint out a bit, applied a coat of dull coat onto the tires and dry brushed some ground up black pastel across the sidewalls to give 'em that added "used" look.


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Ok I managed to get the brake rotors installed and the brake calipers mounted up on that. I guess I could have made mounts for them but where does one stop? LOL. I did drill holes for brake lines to be installed and will be working on that coming up. I also applied some alclad to the inner rim edges and painted the backs of the wheels.

Here's the front suspension / brake setup so far:


And another mock up just to make sure I'm still tracking straight here. Never enough test fitting I'll tell you that............



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I'll be sticking to the box scheme as I've always like the dark red idea with these flames. I saw another one of these kits in Houston and should have snagged it up for the flame decals just for an extra set.

I'd really like to give your acrylic paint idea a go on this one. May get with you in a PM on this.

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