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Revell '93 Mustang Cobra

NYNS Franky

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It has been some time since my last completed build (Sept 2014). I found this in my parents attic when I was moving to Canada a few years ago. Saved for a time when my skills could produce something acceptable. The time was right!


1) rear bumper looked as if it was a GT bumper, so it was reshaped.

2) GT intake was shaped to resemble the Cobra intake.

3) Fan belt had only 1 accesory (A/C), P/Steering would have been in that position so a/c comp went and a modified p/s went in.

4) Coil springs made from bead wire

5) Embroadary thread used to make a wire harness.

6) Wheels thinned down to fit tires.

7) Flocked the interior, clear plastic over the instruments.

Painted Ford Teal from Scalefinishes. Happy with the way it turned out. Way to much time on the bench though. Will try to complete my next one alot quicker. On to the pic's,enjoy!




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Nicely done! great paint job! The wiring,,, that is a great idea! The spark plug wires, are they from a aftermarket kit?
Gotta love the Cobra's! I have a 98 real 1;1...love that car, can't wait for the weather to warm so I can take it out of the garage! only has 46k on the odometer! Like new car!

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Thank you all for the positive comments! The spark plug wires are from MCG, and I drilled through the kit supplied dist. I liked the look of the factory rubber cover. It was alot easier drilling one large hole compaired to 9 small ones aswell!


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I would never worry about "bench time". It obviously spent the right amount of time being built to look as awesome as this. And again, another great color choice for all of these recent models I've been seeing lately.

I need to step up my game some more. :lol:

Beautiful work!

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