Lifetime Subscriptions

We are going to be offering a limited number of Lifetime Subscriptions for Model Cars Magazine. I know you are probably leery about this, since we have been so far behind in our printing of the magazines for the past two years, but as they say, the worst is behind us. From losing Harry P back in 2017, to me going through my eighth back surgery this past February, and other family health issues that are a day-to-day way of life, I’m not going to quit or give up. This is a chance for everyone to pitch in, show the magazine your support, and get yourself some really cool stuff!

One thing that we have been asked a lot for lately has been digital back issues. With the lifetime subscription, you will get access to all of our digital back issues. Granted, we are remaking the first three years (from 1999 to late 2002), and we are constantly working and creating the later digital versions. This is a long and tedious process, not just a simple click and it’s done. We lost all the original digital files (CDs/DVDs) many years ago during an attempt to put them all on a accessible hard drive, but that effort failed. So we have to recreate the first three years by scanning, and cleaning up the scanned files, and making readable/search-able PDFs from those scans. 

We have a few friends that are donating their art work and time, and we will have some cool swag for the Lifetime Subscriptions. So far, we have cool embroidered MCM patches, a neat dash plaque, a special MCM T-Shirt, and our infamous bumper sticker!

Also in the works will be a dedicated area on the web site and forum, where you can see up-to-the minute coverage of shows that we go to, and new kits and announcements before they are released to the world.

We will be announcing this at GSL this coming weekend (May 4, 2019), and we should have the online ordering system in place by then.

Thank you all for your patience, support, and friendship over these past 20 years. I know, 20 YEARS!!!! That’s a long time, and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to the next 20 years.

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Lifetime Subscription
Lifetime Subscription Dash Plaque
MCM Lifetime Subscription Patch