Revell 1977 Chevy Van

Review of: 1977 Chevy Van
Modified Reissue

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On July 1, 2012
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Originally released by Monogram in 1977, this custom Chevy van was last seen as part of a set pulling a newly-tooled racing car trailer in the mid-1990 under the Revell label. Done in typical mid-70s Monogram simplified style, the kit builds up well, though not quite as detailed as the AMT kit reviewed earlier. In that there isn’t a lot of detail in the engine room here, the comments made previously in the AMT kit’s review about whether or not to surgically open the hood apply here as well, but in this case I would wholeheartedly recommend the curbside treatment. Like the AMT kit, you could conceivably build this one stock as well by locating a suitable set of steelies with or without hubcaps, and finding a pair of stock-appearing seats. Because of its simplified nature, this is a good first glue kit for someone entering the hobby or returning to it after a long absence. And the inclusion of the trailer hitch begs for a diorama pulling a suitable car trailer or camper trailer. And if you buy both the AMT and Revell kits, you have all those lovely Dirty Donny extra graphic motifs left over to use on the Revell kit…hmm…that works. Nicely, too.

77 chevy van1977 CHEVY VAN Revell #7221
MOLDED COLORS: White, Clear, Chrome Plated
SCALE: 1/24
MSRP: $20.99 USD

Like the AMT “Vantasy,” this kit’s 13-piece engine is a 350 small block Chevy with Turbo Hydramatic 350 transmission, this time done in typical 1970s simplified Monogram style. The undersized four-barrel carb and distributor are molded to the intake manifold. The valve covers and alternator are the only plated pieces. Note the fan is a five-blade unit. There is no ignition coil, oil filler tube, or water hoses.
CHASSIS: The frame and floorboards are a single unit in this kit, and the gas tank is molded in place. The transmission mount is separate. Front suspension is a simplified three-piece unit, and the rear suspension is a six-piece assembly with separate shocks. The exhaust system is correct for a 1975 or later van with a two-into-one piping feeding a catalytic converter, this feeding a dual rear pipe with pipe hanger. The tips of course will need to be drilled out for realism. The only underhood detail to speak of is a two-piece radiator with shroud.

WHEELS AND TIRES: Plated 1968-77-style Chevy rally wheels ride on four black vinyl no-name tires that were Monogram Goodyear GT Radials in a former life.
INTERIOR: The interior is a one-piece bucket with no back wall, but with seat support and the engine cover molded in place. Two highback captain’s chairs are provided, but note there are no backs to them. The dash has decent engraving and features a steering column with molded in shifter and turn signal stalk, and a three-spoke Momo-type steering wheel. Separate are a cup holder tray for the engine cover, a CB radio, and a tape player.
BODY: The Chevy van body is nicely done and, like the AMT offering, has no side or rear windows–essentially a commercial van. At the front is a one-piece plated stock grille/bumper unit with separate clear headlight lenses and license plate, an optional front scoop-type air dam, and two plated windshield wipers. A plus is that the central portion of the grille is molded open. At the rear are two clear tail- lights (ready to be treated to the transparent red paint of your choice), a chrome stock rear bumper, an optional chrome CB antenna, an optional two-piece spare tire carrier, and an optional two-piece trailer hitch. There is also an option of two chromed side pipes, although there is no way to connect them with the exhaust system! Also optional is a clear skylight for the roof. Two plated two-piece California style side mirrors adorn the doors, however, there is a large sink hole in each mirror face, difficult to eradicate since each mirror has a half-round magnifier/blind spot mirror in the corner. The windshield is a one piece clear item that includes the vent windows, and is reasonably clear.
DECALS: The large decal sheet features a multi-tone blue side custom sweep motif, an Auto Crafters Custom Paint Works logo, three Accurate Plumbing Commercial and Residential logos for the sides and rear, amber and red side marker lights, a FOR SALE sign, two Chevy bow ties for the grille (one gold, one blue), a gold Chevy Bow Tie on a black license plate, two California VANNISH plates, and two Illinois 343 JK plates.