Show Coverage

Here’s some shows that we have featured or been to recently. We hope you get some great new ideas, inspirations, or just the motivation to build more model cars from these builders.


The GSL Championship Experience

By Mark S. Gustavson

The GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention didn’t start at the level of competition and service that it enjoys today.  “GSL” – as the event is known so often – grew out of a failed competition that I tried to organize in the Midwest from Salt...Read More »

How To Win At GSL

10 Secrets for winning at GSL

by Jairus Watson
From the July 2007 issue of Model Cars Magazine

The GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship is indeed one of the most prestigious gatherings of automotive modelers on Earth. Builders from all over the world travel to or send their creations to...Read More »

NNL East 2012

...Read More »