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About Us

Model Cars Magazine was started way back in October, 1999. We are the only magazine printed in the US that is published by and for the model car hobbyist. We love model cars! We are not a big company, with dozens of magazines in-house. We publish Model Cars, and that’s it! We love model cars. We build model cars. We collect model cars. Need we say more? Enjoy the web site, let us know what you think. We are now up to Issue #203, and yes, he’s still late. After seven back surgeries, you think he would be done with all this medical stuff (Gregg is the editor/publisher of Model Cars, and he has shared his life story with every one of the readers of Model Cars over the years).

Golden Bell Press printed/published Model Cars since the beginning, and as of December 2015, they have shut down, opting for early retirement for the Bell’s of Denver, Colorado. As such, we had to get ourselves a new printer, financing, and of course, that pesky back issue, but we are getting everything in order, bit-by-bit.