August 1, 2012

Well, it’s August already. School is back in session. The web site is purring along. Can you believe that in only a week, there has been over 4,000 visitors to the site already? I installed new tracking software, that includes an app for the iPad, that lets me see in real time how the site is doing. It is amazing! You may have also noticed the new banner ad on the top of the page for our friends over at Hobby Link Japan. I hope to have a lot more advertisers, links, and resources on the site over the next few weeks. I do have to appologize to anyone who may have visited the site during one of my theme changes. I am still trying to get the final look of the site down, and once in a while I’ll have to try a change while the site is live, which will make your eyeballs go all crazy, just a warning, that’s all. It’s not something wrong with the site, or your eyes, I’m just still trying out new themes and ideas. It seems to be working pretty good, but I still have a lot more clean up to do to the site, and I have to thank Richard To my web site guy for putting up with all my questions, problems, and never-ending HELP ME!!! emails.