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Red Line Tech Block

Red Line Tech Block for Slot Cars

If you are a hard-core slot car racer, either at a home track, club track, or at one of the big commercial tracks, then you probably have wished for something like this Tech Block for a long time. Or maybe you tried to make one yourself, and it just didn’t come out right. Well, the gang over at Red Line made this cool Tech Block that will meet and/or exceed any of your needs, and then some!


  • Works with all slot cars: HO, 1/32, 1/24-25
  • Contstructed of durable Urethane Plastic
  • Digital Laser Tachometer
  • Volt and Amp gauges built into Tech Block
  • Easy plug in pickup guide to power Tech Block from your track
  • External power posts also provided.

Mark over at Red Line  sent in the latest tech block, and I am amazed! I can’t get over the engineering, the fit, the finish, every little detail of this thing is first class. I hate to say it, but when I was doing my searches on the Internet, and I came across this unit, I wasn’t expecting something of this quality. I am impressed, amazed, and I can’t tell you how ashamed I am for even thinking this would not be as good as it is.

It fits all slot cars, from HO to 1/24, with the main focus of course is our 1/32 scale beasts we run at our local club track. The instructions for the digital tachometer are probably the hardest part to get through, but once you read them, and then try out all the settings, you’ll be having no problems at all. The batteries are a tight fit, but that’s not a problem at all. This being said, make sure you don’t use the rechargeables: I have had problems with them fitting into regular battery enclosures, so they will not fit in this at all.

Included with the Tech Block is a strip of the reflective tape, that you can cut to small strips (1/32″) and afix to the rear tire of your car, or you can use the black tape round dots (there are four provided in the kit), and you can even make your own, using the high grade Super 88 Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape. I have used the same one circle/dot for about three months now, so it should not be a problem running out of them.

The Tech Block can be powered by placing it on your own slot car track, and powering it with the track’s controller, or you can hook it up to an external power supply, and adjust the voltage to your needs.

So, what’s this beauty going to cost you? Well, you can order it online from Red Line here for $149.99, plus $14.95 s/h

For more information, you can email Mark at