Contest Issue, #206, is DONE!

It’s about time! After what seems like an eternity, Issue #206, our Contest Issue, is finally done! I’m doing the final proofing, looking for any of my infamous misteaks, and getting the final ads sent in. It is at the printers as of October 30, 2019. Also, the mailing list for this issue has been sent in, so if you started a new subscription after October 31, 2019, you may not receive this issue (#206).

One thing I noticed just today is that this issue will mark the 20-year anniversary for Model Cars Magazine. WOW, 20 years! That’s a milestone. Although it doesn’t feel like it, especially since I have been so far behind. But, as they say, the worse is behind us.

Here is the Editor’s Corner for this issue, which tells the story of all the setbacks with me, and the magazine, over this past year or more.

Editors Corner #206