Contest Issue, #206, is DONE!

Issue #206 was mailed on or about November 7, 2019. It should be getting to your mailbox within the next week or two. Not everyone will get the magazine at the same time. If you have followed some older articles on this, it depends on how many people are in the same zip code, bundled in batches of six. Not everyone will get the magazine the exact same day. Mailing the magazine under the periodical rate (the only way that magazines can be mailed and be profitable) is subject to a set of rules and guidelines, meant to make the mailing as efficient, and cost effective, as possible. Sometimes it gets to readers quickly, other times it takes weeks longer. We have no control over this. Sure, we could charge 20 times more per copy to mail it, and have it sent via First Class Mail, but then we would have no subscriptions.

If you started a new subscription after October 31, 2019, you may not receive this issue (#206).

One thing I noticed just today is that this issue will mark the 20-year anniversary for Model Cars Magazine. WOW, 20 years! That’s a milestone. Although it doesn’t feel like it, especially since I have been so far behind. But, as they say, the worse is behind us.

Here is the Editor’s Corner for this issue, which tells the story of all the setbacks with me, and the magazine, over this past year or more.

Editors Corner #206