Dave Pye, Associate Editor

Dave Pye has been with Model Cars magazine for 10 years serving as an associate editor and writer. In what little spare time he has, you’ll probably see him working on a 1960s-era drag racing car or street rod. But, in the bigger picture, he is building it to go in a diorama. Slices of life and moments in time are Dave’s speciality, as well as a wealth of knowledge about the machines built for the strip and street back in the “good ol’ days.”

He is passionate about his collection of automotive magazines of the 1960s, vintage Revell kits and his Aurora T-Jet slot cars and accessories. He sees a car, or even an engine or chassis, as a painting needing a frame. And his dioramas are those frames.

A former professional model builder, he resides in Colorado and enjoys both camping and model building with his son and wife.