Editors Corner #169

I had this column all done a while ago, but then a good thing happened–I lost it! Well, it’s more like it got misplaced during my recent upgrade/updates, but that’s another story. So why is this a good thing? Well, I was getting everything all ready for the July issue, when I got the news that I have been waiting for almost 13 years to hear: Barnes & Noble said yes!

That’s right, boys and girls. After almost 13 years, your humble editor has finally got himself on the shelves at Barnes & Noble. This makes Harry really happy, he is the one who has been pushing me to get this done, and it finally happened. So, I figured I better redo the Editor’s Corner to be a sort of e komo mai (welcome) to all the new readers–and hopefully new subscribers–at all the B&N stores (yes, you, there in middle aisle, reading this copy, I’m talking to you!).

So what’s going to change? Well, you can rest assured that the “lazy days of summer” are gone (I have been habitually late for all you new recruits), due mainly to having to deal with severe case of spinalanoworkagood–five back surgeries), and nowadays most, if not all, of my time is spent laying down, writing and doing the web site from my trusty Tempur-Pedic bed. Not much fun, but heh, look at the alternative, yeah?

So with that introduction out of the way, on to the good stuff! I received the new Moebius Hudson Hornet convertible, and I like it! I also received their Chrylser 300 that Bill Coulter and Len Carsner did such a great build up article on in MCM #167. Revell sent some more of their new releases (check out the web site for those pics: www.modelcarsmag.com), and I tried to spend more time on the new kits from Simil’R: a new Ford Focus WRC rally car and a Ford GT. Check out the new products on page 8 for more on these great new kits and company. The resin column is on vacation this issue, I couldn’t do the physical work needed for all the pouring and casting. Hopefully I can get back on it next issue (pardon the pun).

I also tried out our friend Donn Yost’s painting tricks from his video, and let me tell you what, I was doing it all wrong! And this comes from someone who not only had a body shop before, but just so happens to have the best model car magazine out there! Thanks, Donn, you have shown me the light!

We have a couple of great features coming up from builders all over the country, and a special treat for all you Facebook followers as well. Speaking of Facebook, I am working with them on trying to set up the Facebook page as it’s own separate place/page, and then that will separate me from the magazine page, which is what I should have done years ago when I set it up. We will also be doing more builds of the current kits that are released. I have a local builder here in Hawai’i, Damian Fontes, who has agreed to help me out with this, so we will have built up versions of the model to go along with the great reviews by our own Larry Greenberg.

Well, that’s all for this issue. Time to get the ball rolling, we got deadlines to meet! a hui ho!