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  1. Most excellent! That came out really nice. Also is one of my favorite racing liveries.
  2. Excellent build! Any underhood and chassis photos?
  3. As stated before, color and stance are spot on. Really nice looking!! What is the source of the wheels and tires? They really set the car off.
  4. Also stated above; "Star Trek kits are a solid sales-base --a majority-- of their products . Trek fans will spend tonnes of money on good Trek collectables" I built sci-fi kits as well as cars and am involved in a number of groups and forums for that. One thing I don't see is the griping and complaining about price such as I've encountered on model car forums. Quality and build issues are the biggest concerns, but that's endemic of any modeling subjects and their enthusiast groups. Nor do I see much of any attitude where as if a person is not interested in a particular model or subj
  5. Nice build! Did you scratch build the exhaust pipes or repurpose something. I've got a number of built-ups of this and the other 3 (Lola, Hussain, and the Chaparral) to build as static versions and restore some slot cars. Most of my McLarens are missing those parts. I wish Round2 would check into the molds to see if any of the cars from this series can be reissued. If you look at the AMT Opel GT kits including the latest reissue, the custom wheels are from the Lola T-70 so unfortunately perhaps some of the molds were broken up and no longer able to be run. Many years ago all 4 kits made i
  6. Absolutely beautiful! I really like the posable wheels and the finish is outstanding. I've built a number of Fisher kits for others but have yet to build one for myself. If one has the opportunity to aquire any of his kits don't hesitate, you won't be disappointed. His kits will indeed be missed. In addition to truly fantastic car and aircraft kits he was a top level luthier and built amazing guitars. Only wish I had the money for one of those.
  7. On another board one of the members utilized these parts on an AMT '65 GTO to great effect. It was was drag themed but I'm really digg'n the salt flats theme here. I bought an extra Olds to restore a Streaker AWB but going to get another to do some other racing versions.
  8. That series is really neat. I've got several such as a Mazda RX7, a Porsche 956 in several liveries a number of F-1 cars. Reminds me of their egg plane kits which I really like. Good score! Revell issued similar kits in the 90's with distorted bodies and pull back motors. There was a '69 Camaro, an '80s Trans Am and others that escape me although I do have all of them, unfortunately I just can't remember and am not home to look on the shelf.
  9. I'm a huge fan of vintage and vintage style box art and am one of "those" guys that collect kits that feature cool and interesting art. That being said the recent release of the 1:16 Green Elephant Vega F/C has great packaging simply using photos. With all the photos of the Mooneyes car out there of both the original and the recreation Atlantis certainly could have purchased or licensed someone's photos and come up with something better. Besides it would give the builder a good detailing reference. I really appreciate everything Atlantis is doing as I also build aircraft and sci-fi subjec
  10. Just like the '57 Cadillac box this has some odd perspective quirks. Looks like the Dragster in the other lane is 50ft away and not from the same era unless this represent some vintage exhibition match. The Mooneyes rail also seems to be turning towards the center of the the track. Although it's obviously wheels up it looks like it's tipping over to the driver's left. I know I'm being picky but it just looks goofy to me. Are we going down the same path as some of those awful Model King boxes from years ago? Guess it shouldn't matter since what's in the box is the most important thing.
  11. In your photos it seems to lack some resemblance to chrome, but as with any of these types of paints they seem to need some experimentation. It does however have an excellent polished metal look, a little dark for aluminum but it still looks good and has numerous possibilities. I'm definitely going to order some and give it a try. When rumors of airbrushing Metalizers being discontinued started a number of years ago I stocked up quite a bit but never hurts to have an alternative or even another variation for metal finishes. Thanks for the photos and review.
  12. That's an impressive car, you captured really well. I really like the rear and taillight treatment.
  13. This set brings me closer to having all of the AMT combo kits. The only other one that I need to find is the "Quartermaster's" kit which is made from the custom only version of the '68 Firebird and the Hull Raiser boat. Don't think we'll see that or the Chevelle Drag Team. I really liked AMT's original concept for this series and would be interesting if Round2 could come up with a few new team/set ideas with existing tooling and vintage style box art. They could reissue the Shelby Drag team if they'd open all the gates in the '68 Shelby for the drag parts. The '69 Galaxie has been re
  14. I may reconsider purchasing one of these, yours looks great! I've got a large parts inventory and probably could dig up enough to make similar modifications, you just gave me the inspiration to give it a second look. Being a Bond fan I probably would have ended up with one at some point anyway, but since HL has kits on sale this week perhaps sooner than later.
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