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  1. Thanks! The garage is quite easy. Bit of photoshopping for the walls (printed on photopaper) and a bit of wood of some 3D effect.
  2. Time to finish the MG TC scale 1:18 First making the tonneau cover: Then the racing windows and the bonnet belt. Finally the plates, badges, codriver handle an rings around the instruments.
  3. It looks great indeed! The dashboard is excelent.
  4. Some further developments on the MG TC. First a bit of improving the interior and engine. Old versus new. Now with throttle links and oil catch can. And a start with the front window. It remains folded down and a couple of 'racing windows' behind it have to be made.
  5. Right, a few steps forward. Painting the interior And the engine as well A bit of red on the inside of the body testfitting the dashboard and losing some of the chrome as most parts are alloy. And trying the rest So I changed the exhaust (3 to 1), rampipes on the carbs and wires on the other side. Also added floor mats and rubber on the tunnel.
  6. SFRC


    It is a fantastic model. Especially for a 1:42. Mind blowing.
  7. For a dear friend I am going to make a miniature replica of his MG TC The car itself The base model This bit needs some work Now in black
  8. Changing the grill Wooden dashboard Creating the folding roof bit And finally a test drive and a bit of drifting
  9. The MG Worksop celebrated its 40th birthday in December 2012. The winner of their lottery received a model of this/her car. This is the car that I was asked to make a miniature replica of The base model by Universal Hobbies Now cutting the roof for the Webasto sunroof Some teal blue paint The old interior New bigger doorhandles Primer on the seats
  10. While glue was drying I made this 'workshop' this afternoon.
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