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  1. I am just catching up with your build and it looks great!  I have one in my stash too hope to get to it in 2019 as a prelude to building the 312 T3 and T4’s awaiting in the stash....   As for the rivets, I LOVE the look of tiny pins heads for rivets, but I’ll admit right up front that is is a long arduous task to clip, drill, set each one. I hope you’re happy with the Archer transfers and look forward to seeing the results once you hit that red with clear and polish.  ‘Keep your legs moving’ brother, it’s looking good!

    S/F, Gunner B

  2. On 10/25/2018 at 2:58 AM, Matt Bacon said:

    It’s finished in my “Iron Man” red — Tamiya Sprays of Metallic Red over Gold, and some TS-13 Clear, gently polished with Novus.

    Matt, Thank you for sharing your ‘recipe’ with us.  Looks great and I can tell you that you’ve challenged me... 

    S/F, Gunner B

  3. On 10/27/2018 at 4:26 PM, ATHU said:

    I think it was Tamiya nato black. 

    Thank you kind a Sir!  I have seen/heard too where some have good results with the Testors Black Rubber...  I have heard of it being used on dashes like this, but extensively throughout interiors because of its ‘scale’ appearance with regard to texture.  I’ll do a spoon work-up before shooting the dash I’m not CF’ing (I’m building multiples) and I’ll be sure to credit you in the post.  Again thank you and I may DM you with some other questions going forward.  At your leisure; of course.

    S/F, Gunner B


  4. Question for you on the Hobby Design P/E and you may think I'm crazy.... Where do part 1 and 2 go? The instruction sheet depicts [bottom center of page just above the rotor diagram] cutting out what looks like a vent in the C pillar (if there such a thing on a Ferrari 458). I'm stumped... Any other P/E tips you have for this set also would be nice. Thanks, Shannon

  5. I'm building two of them....they are by far them most detailed models I have ever seen. Pricey when first release, but have seen them down to $26 dollars direct from Galaxie recently. I really wish that Revell would adopt the quality and attention to detail that Galaxie and Moebius have. It would begin an new era within the hobby for sure.

    I'm slapping some HoK inca Gold on one of them this weekend and really look forward to every Galaxie or Moebius release.

  6. Have you considered using magnets to allow formpanelsmtomto be installed/removed as desired? I'm used just such methods now on many of my builds because the small rare earthmagnets can be placed within components and finished over making thin unseen.

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