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  1. Painted the rims a bronze color , wish I had some more of these.
  2. Thank you. You are doing great, keep it up. I need to weather something soon I hate polishing paint. Thank you.
  3. This is the car I'm building for this year's Can nonball.
  4. Got the rims I decided on using fitted, going to get them painted. Still a few things to figure out but going to start getting this together.
  5. I like the new grill bar much better , alot cleaner looking. Love the stance! Is the taillight area going to molded in and painted body color or have chrome bezels?
  6. I bought a can of this just to mess around with. I build a lot of weathered models and this looks like it may work. It looks like it may work for anyone that likes cars with tinted primer.
  7. Great job, I want to get around to building a Dart. Always wanted to be a Mannix car.
  8. Putting the clear on this today. Started this when my daughter was born, she is thirteen 😀😀😀
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