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  1. I love this project! Especially the detailed and step by step photos! What did you use for window- and door frames? They idea with the tin foil for the burning barrell was creative!
  2. I like it! Were the letters 'Dodge' on the tail gate handpIainted? They look flawless!
  3. That makes sense Tom! The few photos I've seen online and in Model Cars Magazine were very impressive!
  4. Dieseldawg, Your camper project looks promising! Seriously, I would love to see a thread with your progress! Love your 1:1 Camper truck too! Thank you for sharing this!!
  5. I love this truck! I looked at the Modelhaus web site, but they do not seem to have pictures of any of their kits. That is a bit of a bummer. I always wanted to get one of their kits. Looking forward to more photos of your great project!
  6. Thank you Dielesdawg! I agree, RV models would help to create great dioramas. I would love to see your scratchbuild camper in progress. Please post photos, or direct me to your post if you have a thread about it already!
  7. I like it! Great detail! British trucks are one of a kind. Can't wait to see more of this!
  8. We're getting there. Need to add a few more details, but it's coming along.
  9. I love this! I admire your courage to built in this large scale! It takes up a lot of space, but allows for great detail. Like your stash of kits alongside the wall too!
  10. Wow! 10.000! You can built a model of the Eiffel Tower with that many! :-) Good deal!
  11. Welzeker ouwe jongen! I was born and raised in good old Utrecht. :-)
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