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  1. That site was last updated in 2007. I've been to the museum he refers to since then and they have a completed model on display. I'm guessing it's this one.
  2. I love Sonic, but just for the drinks. I stop every time I go by, but only get food maybe 1 out of 10 stops.
  3. Most of them appear complete and unstarted. I'll post a pic when I get them all stacked and organized. It's gonna take me a couple days to get it all lined out, get the parts organized and arranged the way I like, and get my new bench set up. I split this with another guy. What I showed is only half of it. I had the car so packed their was a kit in my lap.
  4. What did I get today? I don't even know yet. I haven't had time to go through it! I'm guessing somewhere around 100 kits, mainly Fords. Parts and pieces galore. Half built cars. Tons of styrene, glue, cutting mat, tools like crazy. A brand new lathe. And a rockin paint booth! Oh, and a 1:1 flat tire...
  5. I recognize that trailer! Had a little metal truck with a golf cart right?
  6. So I actually told one of my friends tonight about my modeling hobby. Turns out she used to build model airplanes with her stepdad! She knows how much skill it takes and appreciates it. She said she missed it so I asked her to build one with me. She said she just might!
  7. I know exactly what you mean. Almost no one I went to high school had an interest in cars and if they did, their favorite car was a Bugatti or Lambo. Unrealistic stuff that they are familiar with because of the rap scene. We had a car show at my school to and their was a student class. There were 4 student cars at the last show at a high school of 800.
  8. You are correct. It is a chain. I've eaten at one and our table was actually under a real car on a car lift! Super cool place.
  9. It sounds super cool and I'd love to have the chance, but that's just not in my budget. I'll definitely stay tuned to your build though! It sounds super cool and I'd love to have the chance, but that's just not in my budget. I'll definitely stay tuned to your build though!
  10. All of my painting in the past has been in our Indiana basement. For those of you that haven't been to Indiana, the humidity in the summer is insane. But we run a household dehumidifier in the basement and it works fine. It also stays around 65 degrees down there year round. What would be nice about a climate controlled both would be to have a filtered dust free environment! It's impossible to keep dust and dirt off of fresh paint down there.
  11. Just listened to the interview. A few things I took away from it: 1. Buying a vehicle for $5000 and not obtaining a title is not normal. 2. Mr. Sitton keeps referring to a bill of sale. A bill of sale means nothing. Anyone can create a bill of sale. As someone mentioned earlier I can make a bill of sale and sell you my neighbor's car. Doesn't mean you own it. 3. Mr. Sitton was done wrong. He got screwed plain and simple. But he's doing nothing to help himself. He says he's being black barred by the media, but yet he continuely snaked his way around the interview questions and just seem
  12. Oh my goodness. I don't know if I'd have the patience.
  13. So do you have to buy this an issue at a time? That'd drive me nuts!
  14. I don't have any pictures, but my bedroom at home is all Ford themed. Ford Blue walls Signs hanging. Ford diecast and models on display. I'm working on making some curtain rods from a crankshaft and pistons. I also built a lamp in high school shop class made to look like an old hurst shifter with a boot and everything. It broke when knocked off a desk though.
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