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  1. Almost done with the interior, I just shot it semi gloss black. Originally I wanted to two tone it orange and white but I didn't have enough orange paint left over from the body. Also here's a picture of how it will stand with the wheels on it. Thanks for looking.
  2. Thank you for the kind comments guys! I got started on the tea suspension. I made the coils out of brass rod and wrapped some wire around for a little more realistic look. I used some metal stock on the wheels bars as well and again some thin wire to simulate springs. Thanks for looking. I also did a little heat staining on the headers
  3. I've got most of the polishing on this done, I did have a couple of trouble spots where I burned through the paint but they aren't all that bad. All of the foil is done and the badging was added. Next will be getting started on the interior. I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna use the stock interior or try and do something more custom.
  4. Thanks! Valve covers are from tdr innovation, they're 3D printed pieces. They're a little pricey though, I paid 12 bucks for the one set. They do have a package deal where you get 8 sets with all different badging for 27 dollars. The prep work on them is a little bit of a pain but overall they're very nice pieces.
  5. Pulleys are on. I have to reattach the fuel line cuz it had to be removed. Just need to wire up a distributor, add some headers and put belts on and it's ready to go in the car.
  6. Getting started on detailing the engine. I added some fittings and fuel line to the carburetor and also got started on detailing the alternator. I have some nice aluminum pulleys that are gonna be added to get the belt assembly to really pop.
  7. Seems I'm having trouble posting pictures. Anyone know an easy way to get them up?
  8. Thanks mooneyzs. It is your build that I found pictures of I just saw the usernames were the same on the other thread. Killer build, if mine comes out half as good as yours I'll be happy.
  9. I got some more done on the frame so it fills the gaps in the back, it's just about ready for paint. Also started on the engine, the block and heads are from the chevelle kit, the valve covers are from tdr innovation and the oil breathers are from pro tech I think. Timing chain cover and the manifold are from vcg resins and the carb is from fireball Modelworks. I should have it all wired up for the next update. Thank you all for the kind comments and for looking.
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