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  1. Thanks guys. I love how this thing turned out! It is just clean, I ended up adding some chrome bullets to the center of the rims. I have a couple more projects that I will post up soon.
  2. Well Gents, here it is all buttoned up. Might end up swapping the wheels out later, but they are staying on there for now. 95% out of box, besides a scratch built super tall floor shifter, plug wires and a photoetch banjo steering wheel.
  3. Thanks everyone. This scallop job was a vision of Jim Hill at Pop's Garage. He gave me the idea, and helped me lay out a couple of the lines. I am hoping that he will let me do the paint work on some of his creations. As for the brand of tape, I just use 3M 2 inch masking tape, and take 2 really sharp hobby blades and tape them together with the tips really close for a finer line. I take a piece of the 2 inch tape about 1 foot long and stick it down to my cutting mat, and cut a bunch of strips. Keep at it, you will get the hang of it.
  4. Thanks alot guys. I am happy with it. I got some BMF and clear on it tonight. I am looking foreward to doing some more Larry Watson inspired customs this year.
  5. Thanks alot man! I have peinted several 1:1's too, but nothing like this. Its definitely tedious!
  6. Here is my first scallop attempt. I think it turned out pretty good.
  7. Here I got the first coat of clear on my last 3 paint jobs. Next is wet sand/foil/final clear.
  8. Thanks guys. Troy, practice makes perfect!!
  9. Thanks everyone. I know this type of paint job isn't everyone's taste, but you can take the idea into building 60's and 70's customs, and even take the taping method into doing flames and scallops. Just a thought. But it is fun to do none the less!
  10. x1000000 This thing is phenomenal! Absolutely the nicest engine I have ever seen!
  11. Thanks alot! Yea I just take my time taping, just run a center line to go off of, and go from there. The internet is a good place to go to get some ideas on how to lay out your lines. Just take your time, and have fun with it!
  12. Perfect car to start with! Thanks everyone. I get a lot of questions on how I do certain things. I love helping out other builders, because it is my way of giving back to the hobby. I am going to try to get some of the cars out to some shows this year.
  13. Thanks guys. I will definitely take pics of the finished product Dr. Cranky. It has been too cold here to do much paint work lately. Thanks for posting the link Derick!
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