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  1. Any idea how many vendors will be selling kits at the swap meet?
  2. Wow! Just looking at it, I can hear it's "rumble"!
  3. Nice build... looks so "right" from every angle! We're the white decals pretty easy to get laid-down?
  4. Wow! A spectacular build that qualifies as a work of art! Stunning... simply stunning!
  5. Thanks for the info gentlemen... now I'll have to figure out what to do with it! Alan; would appreciate any pics of your built-up that you can add to this post
  6. Found a bag of 1/25 car parts in the deepest, darkest corner of my parts box. Does anyone recognize the pieces shown in this pic? Any idea what kit they came from? Are they old? Trying to determine if I should attempt a salvage-build out of them... obviously I'd need to find a bunch of parts to sub-in if I go that route. Any thoughts regarding what kit these parts came from would be appreciated.
  7. To me, this kit is a great example of a kit from the past that captures the look of the 1:1 really, really well. Back when it was first released, I doubt there were many saying it "doesn't have the correct fender-shape" or "needs a bigger windshield-opening"... or any of the variety of critiques that kits issued today receive. AMT did some really good models back then and this is a perfect example! Your build looks terrific... just how I remember these 1:1 Torino's from back-in-the-day... well done!
  8. I wonder if the tires in that Scout kit are the same ole' 2-piece ones of past issues?
  9. I've been searching for one of these Elva kits for at least a decade... they rarely pop-up on eBay and when they do they usually get big $'s. Your build looks terrific!
  10. If my calulations are correct, this Titanic kit would be a bit over 35"-inches in length.
  11. That is quite a find Restoman... that Chevelle kit in just about any condition would go for $100+ out on the "Bay", and as you describe it, probably $200+!
  12. I'm curious about the "motorcycle-based"(?) 3-wheeled delivery vehicle parked behind the moving Yellow/Red Taxi on the side-street in that first pic... what the heck is it?
  13. Wow! That is a stunning transformation and build!
  14. Agree with all of the comments listed above... thanks for keeping this venue up-and-running (and growing), at a time when we've experienced more of the opposite in our world today.
  15. You're off to a good start with the mods you've made to the stance and tire positioning... looking forward to how this build finishes-out. Welcome back to building!
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