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  1. The OP is totally entitled to his opinion and it is that simply, he can think and write whatever he wants. Some of us where mostly jabbing about worse kits out there, in our opinion, but some folks tend to take things personal and maybe a bit too far. There are lots of kits I am not too fond of and that is my choice to like or not like something. For example, I think building Factory Stock is the most boring thing in the world! And thus I rarely do it and that is my choice. If it ruffles your feathers, just think of what you don't like and move on. Freedom of Choice And
  2. And as a bonus, here is the Snow Plow that will be included in future truck kits.
  3. Fellow SDMCC member just posted these pics to the club and I thought I would share them here. Images came from Pegasus and the parts are currently on display in their showcase, like they did with the Nova, and apparently the will come with the '72 or '73 Ford Pick Up cab
  4. I hope they tooled new tires for it, but those plastic ones are not bad once they are painted up.
  5. It is the Piranha drag car minus the body, and with the addition of the sand tires. So just this version has not been out for a long time.
  6. Slixx https://www.slixx.com/8058.htm?id=5503
  7. Well, we all waited for this, now let's wait for the stock version before we all loose our minds, or you guys loose your minds. As I really don't care for stock anything.
  8. Revell of Germany is more like Tamiya than Revell USA ever was, or will be, due to the fact that like Tamiya, they market to a Global Market, unlike Revell USA that mainly catered to American taste. Hopefully this will translate to better product from Revell in USA
  9. It is just and assumption, but I sure do hope they do better with their style of engineering vs. the USA version. And if you are talking about their 69 Mustangs, don't forget that kit is over 30 years old!
  10. Soon you will be able to get a fresh issue one from Atlantis! Look at those gaps! Fun!
  11. Luckily, some of these kits have been unscrewed and brought back to their former and original glory
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