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  1. Thanks, Rusty, Carl, Charlie and Jay! I appreciate your comments! Yes, Carl, there are a couple of gangster figures, pistols, a rifle and a machine gun. Also included are about 3 boxes to build to fill with clear bottles of booze! But I won't be building or using any of them. This one is finished! I had my problems with this one, some self-inflicted but others are just due to the poorly manufactured kit. I used the outer black line of a Camaro decal for the pinstripe down each side because it was thinner and adhered to the body better than the 30 year old decal in the kit. It was a bat
  2. Thanks, Charlie! I appreciate your comment! I do own an Iwata compressor and two Badger 150 air brushes. The reason I don't use them more often has to do with my painting situation. I have to paint everything outdoors on my patio and moving the compressor, air brush, paint, empty botttle, lacquer thinner can, screwdriver for the lacquer thinner can lid, cleaning rag and model parts to be painted is a PITA! I have no place in the house or garage to set up a permanent paint booth with the proper venting. But I have been inspired to paint MCW paint on occasion, like this beautiful 65 Ponti
  3. Thanks, Mark, Tom, and Tom! I appreciate your comments! Well, everything was going fine until I got to the interior. The interior just doesn't fit well and I had to modify the second cowl to get the body to clear. I got rid of the storage compartment door as it doesn't fit either and can't be seen anyway behind the front seat. I also had to cut away part of the front door panels to fit the dash into place. Then I made my big mistake. I couldn't figure out how to glue the body/interior into place since the jump seats were suppose to slip in and be trapped by the rear seat flooring.
  4. The engine is done and the chassis construction is complete. The wheels are poseable at the moment and hopefully the rack and pinion steering will work through the steering wheel when the interior is done. I mocked up the fender unit and body and everything looks good. I didn't rub out the fender unit nor the body after the re-paint and second clear coat. Hopefully I can keep my hands clean so I won't have to rub them out as they have a nice gloss and finish now. Thanks for looking! 😎
  5. Thanks, Tom and Carl! I appreciate your comments! I rubbed out the body and took a little too much paint from right side so I had just enough paint to paint the right side again. I also separated the two top hood pieces from the sprue and it left bare spots on the hinge and top rail running on top of the doors.. I should have separated these pieces from the sprue before I painted. I sanded them down and remounted on a bottle and repainted them. Then I re-cleared both the hood pieces and the body. Turned out pretty well. Next, I started putting the frame together. I couldn't fi
  6. Looks great so far, MrMike! But your paint stands have way too little paint build-up on them! 😎😁
  7. Thanks, Charlie, D, and Carl! I appreciate your comments! Charlie, those are all very good suggestions but unfortunately I don't have any of those colors at the moment and it will take two weeks before I could get them here. It's a great day to paint today so I went for it! So I had a partial can of Testors Flame Red so I used it on the body. I think Testors discontinued that color so that's the last of that. In bright light it looks pretty bright but in regular light it looks pretty dark. I painted the fender unit flat black for a color coat or an additional primer coat and then followed wit
  8. Thanks Mark and Rusty! I appreciate the comments! Mark, thanks for the tips, I had figured out that the oil line per the instructions was really the spark plug wires conduit but hadn't figured out the fan location, so thanks for that tip. When I was searching for photos I saw the first one that you posted and thought, wait a minute everything is backwards! Then I realized I was looking at it from the right side not the left! 😁 You've got a nice idea with the truck. Hope to see it on here! I haven't gotten much done, assembled the engine block and painted it gunmetal after de-chroming t
  9. Thanks, All! I appreciate the comments! 😎
  10. Thanks for the comments and questions. Carl, I paint on the patio outside year-round. In the heat and humidity of the summertime, I'll paint a body and walk it back into the house while still wet and gassing out. I know it will still smell so I try to do it when Grumpma is gone shopping. Or I'll carry it into my model room, turn on a couple of air purifiers, and shut the door. That usually will be acceptable but not exactly approved by Grumpma. As for the six tires and wheels, only 5 of mine are the same size tires. One is definitely smaller than the others and the white wall ring
  11. Everything is looking good, Mike! Good luck with the rest of the build! 😎
  12. I've had this kit for about 30 years so I guess its time to give it a go. Unfortunately, its been raining for about 3 days off and on and tomorrow. So in the meantime, I am cleaning up the pieces and putting togehter some assemblies that I can paint later. The chrome in the kit is very good but some of the vanilla plastic pieces have some flash and injector thingys to deal with. I assemble the trunk and trunk rack for the back and will also work on the engine to get the block together for paint. I can also work on the wheel assemblies by just painting the brake hubs black. There are no color
  13. Thanks, All! I appreciate the comments! 😎
  14. Thanks, everyone for the comments!
  15. I forgot to post a picture of the engine bay in the post above. Here it is.
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