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  1. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! 😎
  2. Looks good, Mike! 👍😎
  3. Really turned out nicely, Bob! The paint is beautiful! Nice work all the way around! 👍😎
  4. Nice looking GTO! I like the color and the wheels. Nice work! 👍😎
  5. Looks good, Mike! I've built that one too and I thought it was an excellent kit. I still have one in my stash. I have used Tamiya metallic orange on a hardtop to simulate that color and it is very close. Nice work on your soft top! 😎👍
  6. Looks great, David! I also really like your garage scene. I'm going to have to build one of those. Nice work on your Mustang! 👍😎
  7. Looks good, MrMike! I like the color! 👍😎
  8. This is an old Monogram kit that has been rolling around in the closet for years. I finally got it out and finished it although It had some missing parts that I must have borrowed over the years. I painted it Dupli-Color Flash Red and the interior was painted with an old can of WalMart Fire Red, a little darker color red. I added a horn button to the steering wheel and a turn signal indicator lever to the column. The taillight panel was scratched from parts box 69 Camaro taillights. Plastic strip was added in the middle for the Dodge decal. Added plug wires and heater hoses to the 340 six pack engine. Wheels, hubcaps with decals, and decals for the tires are from Fireball Modelworks. the exterior decals are from the kit and were hard to apply and wanted to fold under since they have been in an unwrapped box for years. Everything went together well although the hubs had to be added to fit the wheelbacks and the taillights took a little bit of thought and work too. All in all, I think it came out pretty well. Thanks for looking! 😎
  9. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments and suggestions. It was tight but I went with the steelies. I guess I am too old school! This one is done! Final photos are in Under Glass! Thanks for looking and thanks for commenting! 😎
  10. So I did an extensive search of my tires and wheels parts boxes ( I have two scrapbooking cases full of tires and wheels) and came up with some wheel backs and some ideas on wheels for this build. I didn't find much that I liked. I still have the tires from the kit so I thought I would use them. However, the tires are Goodyear GT Radials that should have the outline white lettering which I am loathe to do. Then I remembered that I had purchased steelies and dog dish hubcaps from Fireball Modelworks. They would be perfect! So I painted the wheels and wheelbacks. I had previously painted the hubcaps with Alclad but it didn't come out chrome. So I re-painted them with a bright aluminum. While they were drying, I used a set of Fireball Goodyear Polyglas GT decals on the backside of the Goodyear GT Radial tires. Once everything was dry I assembled the wheels and hubcaps and applied the decals for the hubcaps which came with them. I like these much better for this build. My wife says they are ugly so I know i am on the right track! Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking! 😎
  11. Thanks, Carl and David! I appreciate your comments! This is a mock-up of the wheels, tires, and rotors. The wheels and tires came from the 2009 Challenger, I think. Nothing is glued on yet and I need to adjust them inward a little bit. They look a little big for this body to me. I could use a set of keystones on some regular tires or maybe just painted wheels with some dog dish hubcaps. What do y'all think?
  12. Engine is done. Added plug wires and scratched a coil. I'll add heater hoses once installed in the body. Thanks for looking! 😎
  13. Finished the interior. The bucket is well engraved with separate door panels. No dash decals so I just painted the gauges black, added wood accents to the dash, steering wheel, console, shifter and door panels. I used the chrome pen on the dash, steering wheel, doors and console along with some foil on the door panel hardware. I added a horn button in the middle of the steering wheel and a turn signal indicator lever. The chrome pen might be a bit too prominent but I'd rather have it than not. Engine is next. Thanks for looking! 😎
  14. Thanks, Carl! I don't think its warped, must be how it is sitting in the stand. I worked on the front end all morning. Doesn't look like a lot done but its tedious with a brush. This afternoon I got busy on the missing taillight. I cut two pieces of plastic strip and glued them in the middle of the taillight surround for the decal in the center. Then I thought about the extra 69 Camaro taillights that I had in the parts box. They fit fine but were about 1/8" short. So I cut two 1/8" blocks out of a third taillight and glued them in. Now it looks like it was made for it like a kit piece. That's it for today! Thanks for looking! 😎
  15. Thanks, David and Jeremy! I appreciate your comments! Rubbed out the body and got it foiled today. I had painted the wiper bottle before I painted the body and taped it off while painting the body. I'll paint the black battery, the grill and headlight surrounds, and the chin spoiler with a brush next. After that, the engine and interior are next. Thanks for looking! 😎
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