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  1. My wife says I have too many models and too many 1:1 cars. I disagree. I don't have enough room, is the problem.
  2. I think there's a '72 CS Convertible kit, essentially the same as a '71 except the grills and tail light dividers.
  3. Correct. Front bumpers have round signal lights and the rear bumpers have horizontal tail lights. There's a conversion kit available that I need to locate and buy. The grills and gravel guard are also different for the 71, but I'm not sure if that's in the conversion.
  4. Coming along very nicely! I've got the Testors release of this kit with similar plans to use parts from a '69 HO kit. Mine will replicate how I envision my '71 Cutlass S will look in a few years.
  5. Painted and cleared, just a mockup here so don't let the wheel position throw you off. Debating whether to leave the seats their current colour or add some accent panels to them.
  6. Fantastic work on those engines!
  7. Unfortunately gluhead's photos seem to have disappeared into fotki space, but from his description it sounds like he probably did something like this (maybe more): Drilled the A arms for pinning with stretched strue, cut them loose then pinned them up. They won't move when I'm done the installation, but this will get me the stance I'm after. Probably old hat for many, but first time for me trying a lot of these techniques. So far, so good! Thanks for the tip on the AMT kit, horsepower. I don't have access to it unfortunately, but was planning on trying my hand at fabbing
  8. Thanks Pappy Found the rims for it, now to make things fit and resemble something that might work in 1:1. I don't think I'll be able to get it sitting as low as originally planned, but that's alright. Also picked up a Revell Pontiac 421 V8 in the hopes I can make that work in there.
  9. What do you use when mocking up a bunch of parts to hold them all together? Apart from masking tape, anybody use a particular type of glue? And how to disassemble/remove the glue?
  10. Thanks for the link...unfortunately most of the images don't load for me for some reason :-( Narrative sounds like a heckuva build though.
  11. Kit is the Revell '50 Olds Club Coupe 2 in 1. Not my normal choice in builds, but this is a group build so kind of stuck with it. Decided to get a bit adventurous (for me at least), aiming for a smoothed convertible dropped to the weeds in this one. Spent today getting inspiration (found it), shaving the body trim... and losing the roof. Next up is to find the wheels then figure out how to drop the suspension and fit them in there.
  12. Great job, strikingly clean and detailed for such a short time frame. I'm with the guys who couldn't pull of a build like that in 5 weeks, nevermind 5 hours...although I may have to try it one day just for the heck of it. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Thanks guys. No idea what the rims are from, I picked them up in a baggy at a recent show. The stripes are painted...quite a learning process doing them. They look better in the photos than under strong lighting and I probably should have stripped the hood and started them over after a couple of the issues I had, but I decided finishing a build was more important.
  14. Took me long enough, but I finally finished another one. This was a nice kit to put together, clean molding and the parts fit well. Some minor modifications...found some rims and slightly larger tires, plug wires, lowered the front end a little. Now I can get back to the stalled builds before hitting something new.
  15. Nice work, a lot of differences between those two years! If it's not too late, you might want to look at the front bumper bracket openings - from '68 onwards, they bolted to the outside of the body and ran through the fenders as opposed to the apron. A couple other changes are that by '67 the voltage regulator had moved to a position under the back seat vice mounted to the generator, and the dashboard had lost the horizontal chrome strips. Great looking upgrades. Keep Buggin'!
  16. I've been reading a lot of threads here and elsewhere discussing homemade spray booth solutions. A common comment in the vast majority of these threads is the warning that using the wrong kind of fan is dangerous due to explosive hazard. Ok, I get that there IS a hazard. But then, there's hazard in most everything we do. So my question is, has anybody personally experienced an explosion/flashback scenario while using something like a bathroom fan in a home made spray booth? Or is there reliable documentary evidence of this happening? By the way, it's not my intentional to be con
  17. I've been using "Der Bugmeister" since the mid-90s and my first forays into the great wide web. It refers to my 1:1 passion (I have 4 original Beetles in the current stable). Avatar is a photo of my '57.
  18. Slowly but surely...this is pretty close to the final stance. I found some mesh that looked how I wanted for the grill. At this rate, should be done about March!
  19. I found a good mesh material at my LHS which I think is going to work out nicely. Cost less than an eighth of stuff that Bill suggested (granted that more expensive stuff looks really good) I'll post some pics once I get it assembled.
  20. Off to a great start, I like the mods. I'm building the same kit right now, but as a more traditional rod. Are you using the hinges as supplied, or building slicker ones?
  21. That stuff looks good, but a bit pricey for the level of detail on this project. Any idea on the dimension of the sheet they sell? I couldn't see any info on that...
  22. Building a '29 Ford, and I'm not totally thrilled with the effect of the moulded radiator grill. What sort of screening or other material have you found to be good for this application?
  23. @ Del - I debated that, Del, but I'm not getting that picky with this build. It's only my second since getting back into the hobby and I'm trying to consolidate some other new techniques during this one...so I'll be using the ones in the kit this time around. @ HAK - thanks! @ Bryan - thanks for the pics. I do need to get more clips and clamps like that. I think the double sided tape/chopstick route will work best for the doors and hood panels. Still looking for suggestions on painting before or after assembly!
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