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  1. This is looking great so far. I’m surprised by the suspension fitting issues. Tamiya stuff is usually brilliant. I like what you did with the fuel lines. Apparently, those sliding throttle plates are terrible on part throttle. They’re never used for road cars, but I can imagine how, in theory, they’d be perfect on full throttle!
  2. Fantastic job. Looks perfect to me.
  3. Very impressive. Well done.
  4. That is lovely- especially in that mica red. I was not aware of this kits existence.
  5. Great progress. I would never have thought of doing the chrome window trim that way, but once the masking is in place it must be much less hassle than BMF.
  6. I love this kit, and you’re doing a great job on it. The paint has come out first class!
  7. beeRS

    Triumph TR8

    Lovely job on the TR8. I think it looks super sharp in white. I bought one of these kits for £0.99 from a discount store when I was a kid. It was molded in yellow. I tried to find another on eBay in recent years, but this kit now fetches a small fortune.
  8. That is a beauty. Probably my favourite colour on a 57.
  9. Such a cool project. Fantastic fabrication skills here. I want to see a 1:1 version of this.
  10. I don’t know how this thread passed me by. Great work Dann. I love the imagination and creativity you bring to your builds. I remember seeing that Revell Gambella kit for sale in a local toy shop when I was a kid. I think it was about £8 - £9. At the time, I thought, who’s gonna pay that kind of money for a model.
  11. Stunning details everywhere on this build.
  12. Does anyone have knowledge of a sodium hydroxide (lye) cleaner available in the UK? All the brands mentioned on this thread don’t seem to be available here. I’m looking for something that will strip ‘chrome’ and the underlying clear coat off plastic, as well as paints. I’ve had poor luck with brake fluid - it seemed to make the plastic go brittle.
  13. The Humbrol paint is just awful. Its not an enamel, and it behaves strangely. Its very stringy and simply not red enough. I've put 3 coats on and the red just accumulates in certain areas and pulls away from sharp edges. The tail lamps still look mostly clear. If I start using a 4th and 5th coat the paint layer thickness will begin to impact the fit of the parts. Thanks for sharing those images. I'm off to buy some Tamiya clear-red and clear-amber now. Thanks for the tip.
  14. I’ve been struggling to replicate clear-red and clear-amber tints on tail lamps. I love it when kit manufacturers mould these parts in the correct colours, but all too often you get given a clear plastic part. I’ve always used a Humberol clear red and amber paint, but I’m really not getting the results I want. Can anyone recommend a better way?
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