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  1. Ed, - great to see those pics - awesome to see them without the Petersen archive watermark! Larry, Absolutely, the archive is a great place. One tip for viewing the archive - set the search for 240 images per page. it takes forever with the standard 12 per page
  2. Absolutely Gorgeous! Thank you for fixing the images - love the in progress pictures
  3. I'll add a bit more . Like a lot of us, I had driver training in high school, a couple of weeks in some car I don't remember but everybody survived. My parents also signed me up for formal education at a driver education school. They had a fleet of white AMC Javelins. Pretty sporty looking cars. All of them were automatics except one with a three speed and Hurst shifter on the floor - that's the one I used. I was set up to take my driver test in one of their cars. I thought it would be easier with an automatic. My state driver's test was the first time driving an automatic. My lack of
  4. I don't like adding to the speculation so I'll stick to what I can see... The American Racing wheels in the last Revell Hawaiian 1/16 funny car kit were on a new separate tree - the old Revell Cragar Super Tricks were still on the main chrome tree in that kit. Although the Green Elephant also ran with American wheels, Super Tricks are on the box art. Cragar wheels are also on the test shot. Atlantis has said there is a new blower scoop (good news) for the Crower injector - and there it is in the photo of the test shot. It looks like they are really tuned in. Looks good to m
  5. The two family station wagons - 1960 Dodge Seneca (base trim level) wagon, 318 V-8 and three on the tree. (It's cool to see two 1960 Dodge threads currently on the forum!) 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II wagon, slant six and three on the tree.
  6. The last issue that I received was #84 in October. It has the restored Kookie T on the cover. edit --- not complaining or concerned about the next issue being late... I've had enough magazines that It has happened before with this title when they started out 20 years ago and with other titles along the way as well. I've even had some close up shop after renewing a subscription. And I renewed this one two issues ago. I hope they pull it back together. It's a great magazine.
  7. I have a dormant 1959 Dodge project going - Best fit for me was the Chrysler. It was easier to shorten the Chrysler than lengthen the Plymouth. Mother Chrysler must have interchanged a lot of parts from year to year across brands. The 1959 Doge rear bumper looks like it's the same as the Chrysler. If you have the Dodge chassis plate, it is a good guide for where and how much to cut.
  8. not sure I would call Bonneville run what you brung... it's more like run what you brought if it meets the rules... Rightfully so, and even if you don't agree with them, the The tech Inspectors at Bonneville take their job very seriously - there is too much on the line where safety is concerned. The SCTA rule book for Bonneville and El Mirage has over 280 pages, and about 100 of them apply to four wheel vehicles. There are 18 pages of individual car and truck class records printed in the rule book. Fortunately, we can build a great model that looks the part but doesn't have to meet an
  9. another pic after the wedge body - from www.fuelcurve.com/northwest-1970s-top-fuel/ still carrying some of Kenny Goodell's purple...
  10. I agree... posted this elsewhere on the forum - with a little editing, it's probably more appropriate here. The paint department at the local hobby shop. Wow! somebody went crazy. A couple of new paint displays from Revell... the displays even included some glues and paint brushes from Revell. Revell has a bit of work to do to label things better and more clearly in the local language. Overall, the Revell display wasn't so impressive but I expect it will be expanded in the future. Over the last few months they have been adding other brands for models and gundam, some for th
  11. Like it! don't even need the sharpest blade - Works great on brass, should be awesome on aluminum
  12. While we're here, maybe we can mention some triple threat guys - 1:1, model cars, and magazine/media. We've seen Tim Boyd, Alan Barton and Marc Weller. Let's add Pat Ganahl and Steve Magnante. I've probably missed many more. I've been honored to meet a couple of these guys thru the years.
  13. Ahh, I'm saved. I messed up a project on the bench. My cut and hack on the body didn't work out... I've been thinking a Model A pickup would be a better plan anyway. Any idea when we could see this kit?
  14. I don't have a kit handy to confirm - I believe the front tires are narrower on the '55. The '55 has narrow and wide tires. The Tom Daniel Vette had medium and wide. And here's another kit to throw in the mix - one of the Monogram t-bucket kits that was derived from the Little T also has those wheels. The red t-bucket on the box with a trailer - wire spoke front wheels, wide rear tires, and medium tires on the trailer. hope this help
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