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  1. hmmmm, thinking out loud - if the successor to old Revell has the tire molds, we'll see new tires in the Atlantis McEwen kit... might be a good thing. The old tires were good, but kind of dated for the funny car kits. if they are better, I hope Atlantis is planning some new parts packs.
  2. What an incredible model. What everybody else has already said - it was amazing to watch the transformation from what you started with. The diorama catches the moment precisely in appearance, technical detail, and emotion. Outstanding!
  3. A couple of straight edges and a handful of square blocks are good to have on hand to line things up.
  4. The closest that you may find is the intake manifold from a 1980's, 1990's Monogram NASCAR Chevrolet. Similar port spacing and manifold runner shape in scale. it would take a little carving to make a valley cover look this good but shouldn't be too difficult.
  5. The magneto in the Revell funny car kits is a Mallory Super Mag 1. The Super Mag transformer (coil) is separate - Revell molded it into the front of the block on the RH side of the front cover. The transformer connects to the center terminal of the cap. I don't think this is detailed in the instructions. more detailed copies of the Mallory wiring diagram and instructions are on the web. probably a lot on the HAMB photo from ebay -
  6. Thanks Bryon - photos look good
  7. We need more pictures. Side of the body, rear panel and taillights, inside the body (windshield glue), have the rear fenders been cut out? only one seat? better picture of the hood by itself. picture of the other side of the chassis plate
  8. Except you? definitely keep some of the favorites and all of the tools. There are a couple of shops near(?) here that get most of their model car inventory from collections. I doubt that they pay much but they do have to cover their overhead and rent. On the selling side, they do charge reasonable prices. Both say they need more model cars but most of the available collections are airplanes, more airplanes, and still more airplanes. They also buy/sell hobby related books and magazines.
  9. Oh my, I learned to drive in a 1960 Dodge Seneca wagon, kind of the opposite end of the Dart line from the Polara convertible. I remember that dashboard and the see-thru speedometer with the mirror on the dash. Space age styling at its most unique. I've been following and enjoying your project. Excellent building and looking fantastic!
  10. The other thing that might be misleading about this without more information is that most of the original Revell part pack engines, wheels, roadster frames and both chassis equipment parts packs were chromed. in the double dragster kits, only the engines were chrome. Either way is OK for me so I'll wait until I see one.
  11. that's what I'm thinking, but no hurry - will wait for the kit to hit the shelves. hate to see Atlantis raked over the coals for misinformation that came from other places.
  12. I agree Lacquer is dry when the solvents in the thinner have evaporated. if dry lacquer is dampened with a rag soaked in thinner, the solvents in the thinner will start to soften the paint and you will get color on the rag. You can actually make a dry lacquer from a can into ready to spray again with enough thinner. If new lacquer is sprayed over old, the thinner in the new paint will soften the surface of the old paint makes the new paint grip better. not a pro, but have been using acrylic lacquer on a lot of my model cars for a long time.
  13. thank you for posting the pics - that's cool! I like it.
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