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  1. I'm looking at the parts tree. Are these the parts you are looking for? They would be the cooling shroud/pull start cover.
  2. A few more releases from Lionel. These are race winners from last year.
  3. Well, sort of. The 429 used by NASCAR was the Boss 429 which used the archeology of the 385 series of 429/460 blocks, but used Blue Crescent aluminum heads -a hemi-head version with a giant Holley Dominator on the intake manifold. As far as I know, no competitive teams used the standard, Cobra Jet or Super Cobra Jet 429 engines in competition. The 427 FE and the then the 351 Cleveland was the choice of Ford drivers. Eventually that engine became the Clevor (Windsor block/Cleveland heads) and finally FR series of racing engines.
  4. A 1966 Beetle was the first car I drove, but we had a 1968 Karmann Ghia convertible, and a 1970 Torino station wagon. I drove all of them along with a fleet of 1980 cars of various makes in drivers education. The school had a drivers obstacle course with a tower for the instructor. He had a one way radio to talk to us. We were to have two drivers to a car. We had two Volare/Aspens with manual transmissions that no one would pick because they were manuals. I loved them because they had FM stereo radios and I would have them all to myself. Slant six and three speed, but we weren't going fast.
  5. I'll be watching! I can't wait to see how the interior turns out. The fabric pattern for a Dart Phoenix is awesome!
  6. I've built this kit a couple, three times? I still have the last one from the ProShop series. I'm not a rivet counter, but it looks good to me and builds like most every kit I ever built.
  7. No I didn't, its just every time I see a period photograph or advertisement, trucks don't have wide whitewalls. I don't think truck buyers bought the premium puncture resistant tires for work trucks. They bought what could be afforded or what was available, especially once tires were being rationed during the war.
  8. I would have never thought a year ago I would be collecting or even looking forward to 1/64 NASCAR diecast. Our Targets and Wal-Marts have been slow to get new releases, but one Wal-Mart finally filled the pegs with all nine of the Authentics 2021 first wave the All Star Race cars. I picked the two I wanted. The next wave has been released, it's race winners. I don't know when they'll hit our stores.
  9. I went to those websites this morning. Here are two screen grabs, I can't find the discounted prices you've mentioned. As far as Rustoleum is concerned, I'll grab a can today and pull a newer kit from my shelf and give it a test spray. I've tried the spoon method. I'm not sure the newer kits are using the same formula of plastic as the spoons. I'm pretty sure the new kits aren't using the same plastic formula as the old kits
  10. Same price as my "local" Hobbytown USA primer is about $10 each if I buy at least ten of them.
  11. My local (other side of Wichita) hobby store has Tamiya spray paints for about $8 and primer for $10. You're prices are for bottle paints. I'm not big on airbrushing. I haven't tried Rustoleum primer in years. The last time I tried was a disaster. Crazed plastic and the paint seems to take forever to dry. I've watched hpiguy use these paints and so many times I've seen his models with crazed paint surfaces. In Wichita, yes. I haven't tried those, but they contain MEK and can and has crazed the plastic.
  12. I miss that coupon. KIts at 40% off occasionally great. I used the coupon on the overpriced building accessories, paint, glue, cases, etc. Those never go on sale. Now that Testors is done, Tamiya is ultra expensive, and nearly unavailable and my Hobby Lobbys never restock the Mr. Surfacer primer. I'm not sure I'm going to continue building kits. I can't seem to find a canned primer that's safe for plastic. I've used up all my old Plasti-Kote sandable primer inventory and that was the best primer I've ever used. I know there's acrylics and I have an airbrush, but not a dedicated area for the eq
  13. It's an old build and it was recently rescued from being damaged years ago. Here's the topic along with a Chevy from the same period.
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