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  1. Thanks everyone. It was a great kit to build. No fit issues.
  2. I wrapped another MPC 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T. I ended up somehow with two of the same kits. My first I did in yellow.
  3. Just finished up this second build of the AMT 1968 Pontiac GTO. This time I used the 3D printed open headlight grilled offered by Z-Force Modelworx. Paint was Tamiya TS-49 Bright Red which is actually an orange which is very close to Carousel Red (Hugger Orange for Chevrolet). I used the Rally II wheels that came with the kit for this build.
  4. I had to cut a thin piece of foil with a straight edge and sharp #11 X-acto blade and then apply it. Not enough raised area to trim against.
  5. Thanks Jerry. I painted the back panel with Testors Flat Aluminum brush paint, carefully painting around the letters.
  6. My latest build finished about a week ago.
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