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  1. Wow! A beautiful and impressive model.
  2. I'm wondering if you've maybe have over done it on the petroleum jelly on the cam? In the ones I've built, I never put anything on the cam. I don't recall it be requested in the instructions. Also, did you paint your lifters gold? Adding paint to those parts may be part of your problem. I've built four Visiable V-8s since 1971 (about one a decade). Following the instructions exactly, all four came out fine, and worked reasonably well until through plastic fatigue caused something brake. They are not the greatest or smoothest running things in the world. But, over all they've worked fine.
  3. This came from Model Roundup today. I'm happy and excited.
  4. Tim, in many cases your the man in the know. Have you heard anything that might give us a little hope of seeing either, or both, of the Chevy IIs from Moebius?
  5. Then your missing the point. This kit is not practical or even logical. It's just weird and fun.
  6. I got the kit at a local hobby store. Hub Hobby, in the St. Paul, MN suburb of Little Canada. At the time they had several copies. The clerk I purchased it from indicated that the kit was selling fairly well. That I wasn't the only fool willing to part with their money for this silly kit.
  7. Both planes look pretty nice. Any more photos you can post? I'd love to see more.
  8. Looks good Michelle. I'm impressed with how your model building skills keep improving with each new kit you post.
  9. Have built both the motorized and non-motorized versions of the kit. Never have the problem your referring. Have had plenty of problems with the kits over the years. Just not that one.
  10. This maybe the dumbest kit I've ever had the pleasure of buying and building. Despite how dumb it is. I really like it! Some of the photos below, include the model and the real thing for comparison.
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