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  1. I’ve been waiting for this, ever since I missed the chance to buy one back in 1971. I’ve never understood why it’s taken this long to get a another ‘71 Demon.
  2. I’m as disappointed with the above announcement Tim is showing us. As I am excited with the news gave Tim us else where here, about Round 2’s upcoming kits. I was hoping for a Jo-Han model company that reissued old Jo-Han kits the way Round 2 is reissuing old AMT and MPC kits. The Utility Trailer is kind of cool. But, not what I’m really wanting from a model company using the good old “Jo-Han” name.
  3. Very nice. I too built one shortly after Atlantis reissued it. And I have mine on display at the high school I work at.
  4. Its a reissue/new kit. It just came out in the last six months or so. The Atlantis reissue makes it fairly easy to find now again.
  5. Current kit. Just recently reissued by Atlantis Models. Repop of the original Monogram kit.
  6. Just finished this one over the weekend. It’s Atlantis’ 1:400 scale Boeing SST 2707 model kit. Done in the Pan Am decals included with kit. Representing the fictional/proposed plane “Astral Clipper,” N2001PA. I like that this kit is 1:400 scale. I have several die-cast airplanes in that scale. Including the Dragon Wings Pan Am Concorde seen for comparison in the one photo below. I also have the 1:200 scale two plane Revell, Pan Am/Boeing SST kit sitting on the shelf waiting to be built. Dreams from my childhood I wish would have been taken.
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