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  1. 13 hours ago, Can-Con said:

    These are the tires in the Revell reissue of the Cougar II. I assume there the same as in the original issue? I have a Union reissue of the Chaparral and Lotus, same type of tire but IIRC, two different sizes.

    130 3013

    130 3014  

    The above is not a Revell kit. Originally IMC, later Lindberg. 

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  2. On 8/4/2022 at 6:11 PM, Justin Porter said:

    Well, the AMT kit that I was most looking forward to personally arrived at the shop and I have one set aside for myself. All opened up it's no awful surprises and should be a fairly quick build. The highlight is easily that the wheels are both prototypical and well molded. The low light is the "refer to box art" cop out in the instructions for decal placement. All in all, though, I'm not unhappy and glad they did take the time to throw Indy fans a bone.












    Even with the criticism others are giving this kit, I have one on order, and am looking forward to getting it. True, I could go to Indy Decals to make a more accurate version of this car. But, I like what comes in the box. And in general with what is included, it will look close enough to the real thing for me in the end. Plus, I look at this as partially a nostalgia thing. In the sixty’s when this kit originally came out was pretty cool, and built into a fairly good looking rendition of the Gurney’s real car. In the 2020’s, it could be done with more accuracy. But, that’s not necessarily what I’m looking, or expecting from this kit. 

  3. On 8/10/2022 at 8:54 AM, drodg said:

    That is great.  I have built numerous Legos in the past few years.  Kind of a filler hobby with model cars and they are much cleaner to build with no paint or glue.  I really like these and interesting subjects.  


    On 8/10/2022 at 11:19 PM, bisc63 said:

    Love the funky styling on these cars, and the models are pretty neat in that they don't obviously give away their construction style. You are becoming their biggest flag-waver! Carry on!

    I’m glad you guys like these kits. Thank you. 

  4. On 8/11/2022 at 7:21 AM, ChrisR said:



    On 8/11/2022 at 8:26 AM, drodg said:

    Very nice.  I have that kit but haven't tackled it yet.  Thanks for the pointers on the bumpers.


    On 8/11/2022 at 9:51 AM, espo said:

    Great looking paint finish and this shade of blue looks good on this body. Your issues with the mounting of the bumpers and grill are not an uncommon problem. Consider adding some additional glue mounting tabs when this is a problem. I like the stock appearance of your build. 


    On 8/11/2022 at 3:15 PM, TooOld said:

    Good looking Cyclone Scott , despite the issues it turned out great !  I'm a bit surprised that it sits so high built out of the box , along with the bumper mounting issues I guess it's no different than any other kit . I've bought most of the Moebius kits but still haven't built one , thanks for the info .


    On 8/11/2022 at 4:04 PM, thebavarian said:

    Very nice car. I like Moebius kits. The only one I built is the Plymouth Sattelite, without great problems .


    On 8/11/2022 at 5:00 PM, bogger44 said:

    Very nice looking Cyclone, definitely looks good in that color.  I've only built one of the AFX'ers, but do seem to remember the bumpers being a bit fiddly to install.  I had to trim up the rear window a little too.


    4 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

    Very nice!

    Thank you for your kind comments gentlemen. 

  5. I’ve just started building mine. From what I’m seeing, I think AMT’s Meyers’ Manx is a better kit. But I still I’m looking forward to building mine. And I hope it turns half as good as yours. 

  6. 23 hours ago, magicmustang said:

    Scratch built one from a stock AMT '58 Edsel kit. Made my own fender skirts and used the chassis, engine and tin from the AMT awb Dyno Don Comet funny car. Looks more like a real funny car than the "Unreal" one.

    AWB 58 Edsel May 2013.JPG


    6 hours ago, Bucket T said:

    I built this original many moons ago.  Currently in the rebuilt stage, this time in blue like the box art, just have to apply decals.



    I love ‘em. The I see, the more I want one. Again, it so bad it’s kool. 

  7. On 8/8/2022 at 7:39 PM, Stef said:




    Wow, you guys are legends! I learn so much from you cats, every single day. Just found this 58 Edsel AWB instruction sheet on Worthpoint.

    Looks like the Olds Streaker is fait accompli. Well done, gentlemen.




    20 hours ago, GMP440 said:

    Well here is a built up of one.  Maybe this will be the big announcement?

    Unreal Edsel 2.jpg


    51 minutes ago, blizzy63 said:

    ...but an outhouse door bolted to the front is OK.... 👍🤩


    The more I see of this car, the more I like it. It’s just totally wrong in so many ways. But, that’s what makes it right. The outhouse door for the front bumper. The strange decals. The wheelbase that does not fit. The missing stock chrome. Who would want one? Me for some odd reason? I real doubt this our mystery car. “The Rumor Mill” kit. But, I wish it was. In my opinion it’s better than many of the other choices I’ve seen listed here. 

  8. On 8/1/2022 at 8:35 PM, niteowl7710 said:

    This version is still readily available for the just under $20 at all your finer Japanese Vendors and is one of the cars lent to McQueen to "drive" in the movie (even though the driving of the car was actually done by Works driver Herbert Linge), and the car was later owned by Jerry Seinfield.


    I'm not aware of any decal sheets in current production that have his character's name on the car, and in the actual filming of the movie the insurance companies wouldn't allow him to drive the 917K in the actual race itself with Jackie Stewart as originally planned.  So all of the footage of him driving was filmed in a Porsche 908/2 which due to all the film changes didn't run enough length to be classified in the 1970 race.

    The above is the Fujimi kit I have. In my opinion the Gulf 917Ks are still the prettiest versions of the car. Between Steve McQueen’s movie, and Aurora’s sloth cars I’ve been madly in love with these cars ever since. The other 917 I like is the 917-10 Cam-Am version in RC markings. Again influenced by a Aurora slot car. To satisfy my desire for a scale replica of that car, I have AMT’s (originally Matchbox?) 1/32 scale 917-10 kit. And aftermarket RC Cola decals for the kit. One of these days, i need to finish the two kits. 



  9. 5 hours ago, Classicgas said:



    4 hours ago, Zippi said:

    Pretty good looking 65 Cyclone.


    3 hours ago, Kah puts said:

    That Mercury looks fantastic. 


    2 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

    Very nice Cyclone Scott👌


    2 hours ago, charger74 said:

    It looks very good 

    Thank you gentlemen. Your all very kind. I appreciate it. 

  10. 8 hours ago, 1959scudetto said:

    Looks good, Scott - just a question: did you lift it up a bit or is this the stock ride height as given by the kit?

    Thank you. And that is “stock” height, which is another one of the things I did not like about the kit. 

  11. Here it is, my build of Moebuis Models 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone. Over the years I purchased maybe a dozen of Moebuis’ car and truck kits. Plus other science fiction and figure kits they’ve put out. I’ve been pretty happy with their sci-fi and figure kits I’ve built. Their car and truck kits, not as much. 

    Even though my Moebuis Cyclone turned out okay. Their were several things I was not happy with. Mainly the manner in which the front grille, and front and rear bumpers are mounted. I ended up do some minor damage to a fairly nice paint job, installing both the front grille and rear bumper. There is no real positive mounting provision for the front grille. And the stubs for mounting the front and rear bumpers are a total pain to use. And I question how they will hold on to the bumpers in the long run. Plus, Moebuis is fairly famous for their accuracy, yet they missed a minor thing like the standard dash mounted tachometer that the ‘65 Cyclones came with. Or the optional three gauge group that could take the place of the standard tach. Minor. And maybe a little picky on my part. But, I’m just not as impressed with Moebuis’ car and truck kits as other are out their. 

    Despite my complaints, I like the choice of car and truck kits Moebuis keep bring to us. So, I’ll keep buying them. I’m just not so sure how quick I’ll be in building them. 






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