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  1. On 1/3/2019 at 11:07 AM, Casey said:

    ^This. Not even interested in building the Craftsman '63 Impala...chevelledragteam.jpg.e765bad278048b606e83a931a66caf85.jpgchevelledragteam2.jpg.e2483aba4a5f4da668c328a116804d5c.jpg

    I’ve towed a car or two on both trailers and car dollies back in my day. The thing that bothers me on the above box art, wouldn’t towing the Chevelle backwards on the trailer like that, give the tail wagging the dog effect? At the suggestion of a boss one time, I was to tow a car on a dolly backwards. I could barely leave the lot and a vehicle I was towing start wagging back and forth. Which in turn started effecting the tow vehicle’s handling. “The tail of the dog, wagging the dog.” Enough to scared me into refusing to do the run. Our service manage then tried it, and came back and said he wouldn’t do if he were asked, either. The weight bias with the engine facing backwards is what caused the problem. Now this was with using a car dolly. Maybe with a double axle trailer it would be different. But, having towed cars with both open and enclosed double axle trailers in the past, I doubt it. Still, even if it wouldn’t work in real life, the box art above still looks great. And I’d buy one if reissued. 

  2. On 8/21/2022 at 11:17 PM, Doug 1061 said:

    That came out real nice.  Always nice to be able to get a redo of these old kits.  I have a few AMT trucks that I got to do over to make up for the ones I butchered when I was a young'un.   I really wish I still had some of my  models from back then.  But like many of us on here mine met the their fate with fireworks.

    Thank you Doug. It is fun to get a “redo” on kits one built as a kid. And hopefully do a better job with them. 

  3. 12 hours ago, keyser said:

    Lol. Since we offer nothing new evidently, try one of these. Let us know. I’m rooting’ for Stewie 🤣🤣https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgelyonseriepa

    Mr Lyons restored it. 






    Okay now I’m confused. Why am I recommend to go to this site? Your right I’ve never seen this guys site before. I see he’s restoring a Watson roadster. A cool Indy car. The type that won Indy in 1963.

  4. 3 hours ago, Stef said:

    My pleasure, @unclescott58. I too noticed the exhaust headers, but didn't know what to make of that. I know nothing about this era of racing, outside of what I saw in FORD v FERRARI, ha ha.

    And as for the red seats, I did see at least one shot of both white and green cars, with red seats:


    Aside from that, I've not found many colour photos of the real Gurney car; I'm unsure what colour seat it's supposed to have.

    Another site I’ve been to in the past. And another good one worth sharing with others here. Still questioning the red seats. But, that’s okay. I’ve thought about buying their decals. The price seems right. And from what I’ve seen their quality is good too. 

  5. The more I look at the photo below, the more question it’s reliably as a resource for modeling Dan Gurney’s ‘63 Lotus Indy car. Not only do I question the color. Though again tough to determine in a black and white photo. I’m looking at the exhaust pipes, and they look nothing like the pipes run on Dan Gurney’s or Jim Clark’s Lotus at Indianapolis that year. 


  6. 2 hours ago, Stef said:

    Hello @unclescott58, FWIW, maybe this will be helpful?


    Also, this 2-page build thread may show some interesting stuff, including what appears to be an aftermarket nose, and some other changes, too:



    FULL DISCLOSURE: I skimmed both of these links; did not read either in detail. Also, am not familiar with the kit in any way, though I'm very excited to get my hands on one. Hope this helps.

    Two very helpful sites. The first one I was familiar with. The second one I was not. I like them both. But, I do question both modelers choosing red for the seats, instrument panel, and steering wheel. It does not match up with the color photos I’m seeing of Gurney’s car at the Indy track in ‘63. Maybe they reflect changes made to the car later. As we know that Gurney’s car was later painted to represent Clark’s car in the Indianapolis 500 museum, and recently restored to again represent Gurney’s car. Still nice models, and helpful resources for anyones build. Thank you Stef. 

  7. 15 hours ago, keyser said:

    Sorry I wasted my time.
    You ask questions over and over. At least you looked for once. 
    I’ve no clue what you’ve looked at. 
    One of the links among tons of others in search shows each chassis, races won, etc. Gurney wadded 29/2 up, switched to /1 so murky a bit. /3 gone in 64  Tons more pictures out there  

    I’m tired of the lack of common sense and unappreciative responses. You complained of no responses, but when I and others did, frustrated you seem incapable of finding details, you say I’m rude and you know how to Google.
     I’ll still help anyway, others may find it helpful. 



    I really don’t want get into an argument, but the more I think about what you’ve said above about me and my other posts here, the more angry I am. Go back and reread my posts here. You seem to be assuming I’ve said more here than I have. Where did I ever express frustration in comments other’s were leaving here, until the posts you started leaving accusing me of not Googling things? I thought the comments others left here were just fine, I expressed concern at one point that no responses were coming through, and questioned if there was little interest by others in the kit. If there is, that’s okay. If not, that’s okay too. Other than that, I do not think I made any complaints, or expressed any frustration in any of the responses given here. I only asked if others had more information on Dan Gurney’s ‘63 Indy car than I did. You seemed to have decided that means I do not know how to use Google and I am frustrated with the responses here. I do know how to use Google. And I am not frustrated with others responses and comments here. Heck, even the info you have given here is good. It just has not answered the questions I have about Dan Gurney’s ‘63 Indy car the AMT model kit is based on. 

  8. 7 hours ago, keyser said:

    For the rest of you, sorry my time machine down to go back and get color  




    By the way, looking at the top photo, I’m not sure that’s even one of the cars Gurney drove at the Indy track that year. The tail piece is painted a dark color in the photo. Is the car Gurney maybe sitting in Jim Clark’s car in that photo? Clark’s car was painted in British Racing Green. Both of Gurney’s ‘63 Indy cars, the one he wrecked in practice, and the one he drove on race day, were painted White. So I’m a little suspect of that first B/W photo above. 

  9. 6 hours ago, keyser said:

    For the rest of you, sorry my time machine down to go back and get color  




    Great photos. And I’ve seen them in my search. But, they still do not tell me what color things are. And that is what I’m trying to find. 

  10. 3 hours ago, stavanzer said:

    I have noticed that kit sellers on eBay who part out kits, have posted a lot of warped trailers. Even bought one myself. Has anybody else had troubles with warped trailer parts in this kit?

    It has been mostly Deck Plates, Frames and Axles, all parts that are prone to warping anyway, due to their shape. A bit of Clamping, and all the troubles are gone, but It was something I noticed.


    My trailer is fine. But, the frame on my Falcon Funny Car is warped. I’ve requested a replacement. 

  11. 9 hours ago, keyser said:

    I know how to use Google. Where do you think I got the pictures from that I posted in the 3rd posting here? And I’ve seen the video you put a link to. It does not tell me any more than I already  know. I know the body is white with blue stripes. It does not answer the other questions I have about the car. Man, I get tired of some of the rudeness here. 

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  12. 48 minutes ago, Earl Marischal said:

    I'm surprised this isn't legal to drive on the road, as stated earlier. Given some of the weird and wonderful vehicles that do seem to be legal, going on images displayed here, why not the Turnpike Cruiser?



    It’s never been officially titled as a street legal automobile. Plus with the value of the car, it was my understanding his insurance company would not let him. 

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  13. 19 minutes ago, StevenGuthmiller said:


    I had never been to this show before, and since they also have a model show and contest, I thought that I would kill 2 birds with one stone.


    Not a huge model show, (maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 or 60 entries) but I did alright. ^_^









    Congratulations Steve. I haven’t been to the Pan Town show in years. But, its always been a good one in the past. I assume it still is. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Bainford said:

    I have too. There are a number of 1/20 scale F1 kits that I would buy if they were 1/24, but I just have no interest in building 1/20. When I do see an F1 kit in 1/24, I snap it up. There are a few.

    As for the Gurney Indy Lotus, with a little care and patience it builds up nicely. I already have two of the MPC Indy Hall of Fame sets, so don't need any more Lotus 29s. Hopefully Indycals will produce more of their upgrade kits for this model.


    Trevor, I get the impression from your post, that you may have built a Indy car or two in the past. And from your “icon” or what ever it’s called, you may know something about them. Can you confirm what colors Gurney’s car, especially interior components should be painted? 

  15. 20 hours ago, Phildaupho said:

    Your post made me go back and have a look at my post for the Dan Gurney Lotus I built 9 years ago. I built it for a friend so have not seen it since then. I found it a very interesting and enjoyable project.


    Like Rusty, I too thank you for the link to your build. It looked pretty good. Hopefully mine will turn out nearly as good as yours. 

  16. By the way, a subtle touch (at least by this car’s standards) I love on this car, are the B-47 style bomber engine pods hanging on each side of the front bumpers. Perfect for the Cold War time period we where living in at the time. 

    interesting that the pods on the Mercury do not house the front turn signals. They are mounted behind the grilles under the headlights. 






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