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  1. 23 hours ago, StevenGuthmiller said:

    Didn't see these on the road, but I did see a few pretty cool machines at a show this past Sunday.


    Just a couple of my favorites.












    This '66 Charger was for sale.

    My wife had to pull me away!!









    I’m assuming the above were taken at the Pan Town show in St. Cloud, MN Steve? Nice selection of cars you shared with us. 

  2. 3 hours ago, RancheroSteve said:

    For what it's worth, the kit part (which is only in some issues) isn't an accurate representation of the real Deora bed cover.


    But in any case, not that difficult to make with some sheet plastic, which is what I did:

    650 Deora LF high.jpg

    Beautiful. But, beyond my skills. 

  3. I’m guessing from looking at response to this thread, there is little to no interest in this kit by most modelers. Which makes me suspect that this reissue will not be a big seller for Round 2. Meaning that the likelihood of see more Indy car kits from this time period being reissued, are slim to nil. Too bad. I like them, and would like to see more of them back on shelves. But then again, my tastes sometimes do not follow the norm. 

  4. Hey guys. I’m looking the “bed cover” for AMT’s Deora show car. Part #38. Mine is warped. And I warped it more in trying to fix it. Is there anyone out with a straight out that they might be willing to part with? 

  5. On 8/21/2022 at 12:02 AM, Leica007 said:

    I've got a Lindberg Mustang II kit that has similar hinge retainer parts. The difference is in the doors, mine has 2 retainers instead of one large one, they look like your trunk & hood parts.  If you think you can use them, they"re yours. PM me your address if you want them, they're unused/unpainted.

    Thank you, but just this morning I purchased a second Cougar II kit to get the correct parts. Since no one indicated they had the exact parts available, and I knew a local hobby store had a copy of the kit still in stock at a reasonable price, I’ve chosen to go that route instead. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Joe Lange said:

    'Unclescott',  You need to search under 'Corvair 'Sportwagon' in the Forum.  I posted several pieces about the resin 'kit' and in the 'Work In Progress' section.

    I never have had any luck doing searches on this site. How about a link? 

  7. I did not see this on the road, because its not legal to drive on the road. Nor did I see it today. I saw this on Friday, and this is the first chance I’ve had to share the pictures. I was kindly invited this last spring to come to Tom Maruska’s shop and see his latest restoration. I’ve been admiring his work years, up at the Motor Madness Shows, every March, in Duluth MN, for many years now. Tom does some of the most beautiful restorations I’ve ever seen. Including several magnificent Thunderbirds. And including the 1963 Thunderbird Italian concept car. Plus the 1954 Mercury XM-800. Now he has just finished restoring the 1956 Mercury show car, the XM Turnpike Cruiser. And Wow! What a beauty. Much prettier in real life, than in any of photos I’ve ever seen of the car in the past. 

    Tom has done his normal marvelous magic on this car. If your interested in learn more about it, you see articles on the work he’s done in recent issues of Old Cars Weekly. Or you can check it out his website at TPLS62@MSN.COM. 

    Thanks to Tom for kindly inviting me to his shop, and letting me see this magnificent car in the flesh. Plus seeing his beautiful 1963 Thunderbird convertible again. And an interesting future project he’s working on. That I’m looking forward to seeing done in the future. 












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  8. On 8/20/2022 at 10:10 AM, '70 Grande said:

    Good-looking build! I have one of the older issues of this kit, (molded in Orange styrene) in progress but packed away deep in my kit's vault. A question on your build; did you modify the taillights on your build using clear Red lenses or do they look so good due to awesome paint work? 

    Thank you for compliments Mark. The taillights were first colored in with a metallic silver Sharpie. Then Tamiya clear red paint was added over that. Simple and effective. 

  9. With the more research I’ve done, I’m painting exterior body panels white. Other things like steering wheel, instrument panel, seat, suspension coil springs and radiator black. All other non-chrome parts, aluminum. 

    The question of the red steering wheel and instrument panel I’m seeing on other builds online? The British Racing Green Lotus (29/3) that Clark drove may have had that. Along with a red seat. But, I don’t believe the Gurney car (Lotus 29/1) had that at the time of the ‘63 Indy race.

  10. Boy. Is there little, to nothing showing this exact car online. And very little is shown in color. There are few already built kits one can find out there. These bring out a question. The instrument panel and steering wheel are red? And from looking at those built up kits, my assumption of seat being blue appears wrong (I wonder where I got that idea?). 

    Any help on painting instructions one can give, would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time, here are the only color photos of the real car I could find online so far. 





  11. I just got this in the mail today. Here’s a little peak of what’s in the box. Not a lot. But, considering the size of the car, I expected that. Over all I like what I’m seeing. But one thing. The instructions. 

    Unlike most instructions from Round 2. Including ones that look close to the originals in several recent reissues. There are no painting instructions on this instruction sheet. I know the body should be white. I’m guessing since it’s power by a small block Ford engine from 1963, that maybe was painted black? Or since it’s an aluminum engine, aluminum? What about other things. Looking at the box art, it looks like the seat may also be black? Yet, in the back over my mind, I thought that the real cars seat to be blue? I’m not sure on that. What about the fuel tanks? Aluminum? Steel? Again black? What do I paint them? How about the non chrome plated suspension parts? Were they aluminum or steel? Or something else? 

    A minor point maybe. But, on trying to build the car as accurate as I can, it would be nice to know what color to paint parts. Off to the internet to see what I can find on the real car. 



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  12. 3 minutes ago, unclescott58 said:

    That price, sounds more 70’s than 60’s to me. I thought they went for about 15 cents a bottle in the mid-to-late 60’s? It’s been a long time, so I may be wrong about that. 

    From reading from what other have to say, my memory isn’t as bad as I thought. 15 cents in the mid-to-late 60’s seems to be right. 

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