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  1. The HAMS show is scheduled for July 24. https://www.ipms-hams.org/annual-contest/ Come by one (or more) of our HAMS meetings - info is elsewhere on the HAMS web site.
  2. Dan, will you be entering the 'Cuda in the IPMS-Houston show on Saturday? I'd love to see it in person.
  3. New link for forms. These are PNGs. For some reason the PDFs kept disappearing. IPMS-Houston forms
  4. Can't answer the first 2 questions, but you can get the seats at Wildhare Models.
  5. I just recently received motors from both Iceman (from eBay) and Clearly Scale (from MBW). Yes, the 3D printed Iceman motor will require extra clean-up, but I am quite impressed with both.
  6. Its possible a bad batch got out, or the flat was mislabeled. Another question that hasn't been asked, is what did you thin it with? The wrong thinner could cause problems.
  7. Gregg has started a 1/24 MFH build in the atest issue of Model Cars (#208).
  8. Received mine on Saturday. Excellent issue. Really enjoying reading the articles in this one.
  9. X-22 is supposed to be gloss. XF-86 is flat clear.
  10. Never heard of accuracy complaints about Hiro kits. They are not, however, for the faint of heart. While the resin is wonderful, the white metal parts need a lot of clean-up. You'll be drilling a lot of holes, and the instructions won't always tell you need to. Test fit, test fit, test fit. Look well ahead in the instructions to see what attaches to what and where. (This is my experience from one of their 1/24 kits. Which I never finished. But that's me.)
  11. Entry forms are now available on the club's Facebook page: IPMS-Houston You do not have to be logged inbto Facebook to access them.
  12. I love how members of this forum bashed SA for years but now are POed that its gone. (And let MC skate for years with no or few issues printed.)
  13. Just noticed an error in the flyer. The contest room will be closed during judging to maintain social distancing of the judging teams. Also, as of now, mask wearing will be manditory. Mike
  14. IPMS-Houston will be presenting ModelMania 2021 on Saturday, May 8, at the Stafford Centre in Stafford, Texas. This year's theme is "Call of the Wild" - anything that is or is named after an animal. Flyer attached. For more info, please contact one of the following people: Show Coordinator: Ken Jackson, 281-292-4585, KW.Jackson.1@hotmail.com Vendors: Tony Bohnert, 713-249-3721, awbohnert@att.net Trophy Sponsorships: Luke Easter, 936-689-1011, Luke.easter@wnco.com
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