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  1. You are a pencil amongst a pile of tooth picks my friend. Lol. I would love to see some pics from the show if you have them.
  2. Absolutely stunning Chris. In all honesty, you realize this thing should end up in a museum at some point. I'm still hanging in to see it finished.
  3. Chris. It's been awhile since I checked in and I must say that you have surpassed all levels of detail. It is truly an incredible build and a testament to ones imagination and resolve. I was sad to hear of the setbacks and not hitting the finish deadline but as one posted "A Masterpiece is done when A Masterpiece is done" And this one will in the end will be a legend. Despite your setbacks, count your blessings everyday. A number of years ago my setback began. My hands started to shake, slightly at first but now has progressed to a crippling point. Research lead me to the diagnosis of "Es
  4. You know it would have been cheaper and less time consuming to just build the real car... Right ? LOL It's really looking good. Something to really be proud of. Question: What is the material you are using for the blanket ? I skimmed through the posts but couldn't see mention of it.
  5. I've got a set of front tires and spoked rims from a Don Garlits dragster or a set from a Chi Town Hustler funny car. in 1/16th scale. how skinny you want to go? PM me if you are interested.
  6. I haven't chimed in for awhile but wanted to applaud. This build is a great inspiration. The ideas you have come up with are amazing. This build is going to end up in a museum some day.. Keep it going.
  7. I ditto the statement "Like a walk down memory lane" This is a truly cool idea. I would love a link as well and Thanks so much..
  8. I think it was the Little Red Wagon as well. What a cool thread though. I can say that I have had the honor of being friends with "Outlaw Ed Jones" who immortalized the Jolly Rancher wheel standing stage coach.
  9. My best ever... I believe it was 1975. Don Garlits front engine dragster. "Wynns Jammer" Wish I could find a photo of the box art. All the body panels were clear. If I remember, the oil pan was clear as well and the crank shaft was a separate piece glued to the bottom of the engine so it was visible. Also that was my first kit that had a real rubber blower belt. I was so careful putting it together that I actually got the crankshaft to turn in the engine. Not that it mattered, later when the blower belt went on because none of the rest of the pulleys turned. But I knew that I made it
  10. Very Nice. I built a pair of the re-release McLarens a while ago. This kit has lot more detail. Looking forward to more progress photos
  11. Yes, it's Zep brand. got it at home depot and it remove chrome off models and paint with out harming the plastic
  12. So I got thinking a while back on what else the Purple Cleaner would do. Here's what I've put it through. 1. I poured it in a clogged drain.. Awesome results. 2. I used it to clean the Algae out of my backyard pond. Worked better than anything else. 3. Cleaned the rims on my wife's Jeep. This was amazing! Other than an occasional car wash, these rims haven't been cleaned in 7 years. I put the cleaner in a spray bottle and used a common scrub brush then rinsed them off with a hose. Here are some before and after photos. After 7 years of road grime. A small tr
  13. Please! could you post some photos of the box content before starting?
  14. Nice build. Just enough custom work to break up the super bird look. That's so true about the length of the car. You pulled it off..
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