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  1. Again, thanks everybody, I truly do appreciate the kind words. It keeps me motivated lol.😊
  2. WOW!!!!! Those are stunning.😎
  3. Another sweet build Charles, the color is fantastic.
  4. Absolutely stunning build. Great job.👍👌
  5. Steve, you are correct.😊
  6. Oh man, I'm drooling. That's a great looking bunch of Tin Indians Charles.
  7. Those are nice JT, I dig the new C8, I picked this one up and I love the color.
  8. Thanks all, all the great builds I see here helps keep me inspired. You all rock.😄
  9. Thanks all, much appreciated....truly.😊
  10. It's a factory color called Burnished Saddle poly.😁
  11. Cool build Michelle, the '69 R/T & Super Bee are my all time favorite Dodge muscle cars.
  12. This will be the companion car to the hard top I just finished. Thanks for looking.😊 In this color.
  13. Randy, that looks darn nice. You rocked it.😊
  14. Sweet Mustang Steve, i also have this one but in red, I got it a HL as a kit. I detailed the interior and engine bay before assembly. They are nice models, especially for the price.😊
  15. Thanks Tim, I did, also for the exterior scripts.😊
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