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  1. Being 16 years of my early adult years was spent in the plastics molding process and tool making. I can spot the areas of the tool AKA the master that was repaired. Doesn't make it any less... I was simply pointing out if anyone actually cares. "Comparing Apples to oranges"... Fact it doesn't matter either way, Its a breath of fresh air to see some thing off the norm for a build subject and no matter what minor "tool marks" I described . The production is appreciated.
  2. After noticing many are using the 66 Nova Pro street for a chassis, I opened an "old" Millennium edition of the AMT 66 Nova 2n1 kit. . Simply for the intent of a far more detailed chassis and other factory stock components. For a factory stock build option. Just as the pro street chassis fitting with a trim here & there The "stock" version which was re-popped recently will also fit with some work. Fire wall would need trimming if a different firewall was wanted. I didn't test fit any other stock 66 . A difference in the "hump is evident, the 66 has a more profound tunnel hump (for better c
  3. Like I said, A great group of Modelers Thanks again
  4. Welcome! You're in good company ! Plenty of us old Blokes here There is a resin caster down under by the name of "Auslowe" does some really nice parts! Great way to hook up with some good stuff.
  5. Sweet Olds! Great color combo too.
  6. Hey there, after a long hiatus wasting time on face book I deleted my F.B. account and life is far better! I spent a lot of time in those groups and met up with a lot of great modelers but sadly managed to set this forum aside . After lots of concern about privacy issues of social media I decided to ditch F.B and return to Model cars magazine forum! I miss having the hard copy of a freshly printed issue of M.C and my favorite beverage in a good read. But in the midst of the moment of my errors, I have finally opened my eyes and ears and returned. No drama here, Just plain old great mode
  7. Wow Very Nice build! Makes me want to turn on the tube and watch Border wars now!
  8. Its been a while since I have posted or visited the forum. I want to get back into the groove and thought I would share a picture of a kit bash project.
  9. This would be an excellent addition to Moebius Models fine line of products !
  10. Trucking in Kansas with 2003 T8 triple digit 60 series 377 rears 24.5 tall rubber 10 speed direct along with a sunrise looking east over Parsons KS on my last run at the US 400 & US75 junction.
  11. I would be listening to Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin over a grocery stores sound system while shopping...
  12. Experienced team speak, & the trusty type in text chats on different applications. I'm all in for a scheduled session. Time to get to know everyone.
  13. Very inspiring great color choice! I currently have 2 on the shelf now waiting for their turn on the work bench, Time to build one!
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