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  1. Thanks for the kind comments gents. We have moved on to Under Glass section now that its all together Hope you enjoy the finished product Brian
  2. This started as a gift from the Silver Foxx and has more than a number of his donations in it including the engine which is out of a BMW. The Bimmer's chassis was cut down and an Indy car type front end grafted on. To get the proportions right I shortened the body 250mm scale and the roof 100mm. You can see the cuts in the WIP post. Rest of the car is from the parts box. Paint is Tamiya Mica Red over gloss Black with a couple of coats of clear to keep it shinny. Thanks for looking Brian
  3. Paint is finished Tamiya Mica Red over gloss black. This combination highlights the bodyline nicely. Long way from the first photo! Final assembly next Brian
  4. Okay Bodywork pretty much finished. Just a few holes for door handles etc. Radiator scoop and outlet done. Decided to go for an wild exhaust treatment to match the inlet trumpets. Brian
  5. Okay Bimmer 6 is in and looking good!. Now that everything is in its place I'll start on cleaning up the body work... filling... sanding... filling... sanding... Brian
  6. I think there are a few iconic cars that form the basis of the hot rod culture. The T Bucket, the '32 Ford Coupe, the '40 Ford and the tri 5 Chevs. 90% of the rods and customs follow a standard format so its a challenge to find a different look. Here is my go at the '40 Ford coupe... Started with a donated Coupe shell (thanks Silver Foxx...more on that later). First cuts were to the roof and body. Next I shortened the roof to move the proportions to what I was looking for. It was always going to be mid engine so I wanted a cab forward look. Decisions... Co
  7. Awesome livery and perfect stance. Looks real. Well done Brian
  8. I have seen these builds on the table and the detail is so clean you would think they were 1:12. The 908 is my favorite, the original blunt instrument!! Beautiful work Bruce despite the eyes and fingers hah. Brian
  9. Hi Tom Nothing much I'm sorry. I didn't even take a photo of it. Used a modified ford chassis as I didn't get one with the Chev. It's zedded big time behind the cab with axles from my parts bin. Front is a beam axle with a big drop. The build was really a styling exercise and that took more than enough time!! Some times I focus on the custom side, others I get technical with the chassis, suspension or drivetrain. Whatever the picture in my head takes me... Thanks for the interest Brian
  10. Nothing much I'm sorry. Used a modified ford chassis as I didn't get one with the Chev. It's zedded with axles from my parts bin. The build was really a styling exercise and that took more than enough time!! Brian
  11. Thanks for all the positive comments on both the design and execution. I was really happy with how the T'Bird tail worked. It was something different but the fins still suggested the standard style bed. I made sure I kept the hood and roof profile but the signature of this body was the shape of the side windows. Thanks for the Foose comment. It's the second time that's been suggested for one of my builds. While I admire Chip's design enormously I am a bit of a Kindig fan. Anyway why stop at Sema. With a million bucks or so we could aim for the Riddler... Hah! Hope you enjoy it and I
  12. Some awesome builds here. Just shows how important the '32 was to the hot rod world. Had some reprints of old hot rod mags and everything on this build was advertised in them. Fun build Brian
  13. Started as a basic tow car build from a donated body and sort of grew from there..... Rear fenders are '40 Ford and widened 4mm. Rear bodywork is 59 T'Bird with timber deck to try something different. Body is 41 Chev with 4mm cut from under belt line and 4mm from roof. The roof cut left it short and that took a lot of fiddling to lengthen smoothly. You can see what I had to do in the WIP post. Power is Corvette. I wanted to use the original straight six but it turned out too tall to fit under the cut body. Paint is Tamiya black with gunmetal trim. I tried chrome trim but i
  14. Finished! Off to the glassed area now. Thanks for following this build and for all the positive comments. Much appreciated thanks. Brian
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