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  1. Saw that yesterday!! Still rock to Whitesnake to this day. She was also in a couple videos by Ratt as well.. Gone to soon!!
  2. Message received and returned John...
  3. What are you looking for?? Be of interest in the tractor
  4. Monogram 37 Ford chassis part needed. I need the “smooth” side of the x-brace. Not the one with the notch for the battery box.. The Orange part closest to the bottom of pic.. Have small stuff for trade! Hoping someone has this part. Doesn’t matter what color it’s molded in either! Thanks in advance for any and all help!! Doc
  5. Great news, I saw the table for Revell in one of my subscribers videos where he talked about the re release of the kit!! Cannot wait!!!!!
  6. Looking good!!! I had both a 73 and 74 Century growing up! Always wanted to model them but the kit never existed... 74 had a 455 in it, that was a fun car!!! 73 had a 350 in it, fun too but not near as fun as the 74..
  7. Gonna need more than 40 acres to turn that bad boy around!!! Well done!!
  8. Let me know when ya can John.. Thank ya
  9. What all are you looking for in re builders John?? I'd be interested.. I'll drop ya a pm
  10. I think I have the figures from the 59 if you'd want... PM me..
  11. See ya when ya come back!!! Enjoy your time away
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