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  1. I used cheap hobby lobby craft paints and tamiya. The weathering and shadow effects are from a Army Painter Warpaints Quickshade Washes Set. Picked it up on ebay. One of the best "tools" I ever purchased for doing weathering and shading. They are great.
  2. IMG_2451.MOV IMG_2451.MOV These kits are fun even though they require plenty of putty & clean up. I put lightning effect lights and a sound card in it.
  3. Unfortunately no progress. My model shop is disrupted with a furnace replacement. Also I bought an original 1968 Meyers Manx to restore and I've been tearing that down.
  4. After 9 months of not receiving parts , I finally got some progress. Not much but the firewall is assembled and detailed. The washer bottle is a clear bottomless tank. I made a bottom and filled it 1/2 way with blue tinted epoxy to look like it’s got washer fluid in it. Almost all parts in this assembly were detail painted in one way or another.
  5. Got another rainy day build done. So much fun doing these old kits from when I was a kid!
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Merry Christmas! This will be a slow build. My bench is moved for furnace replacement in my basement. I’m limited in what I can build. Plus I just purchased a authentic Meyers Manx buggy to restore. I’m busy busy!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I wanted the 3 pc body to be seamless. I built the interior then assembled it into the body & did the seams, masked then painted it. I would have never done this as a kid!! But these kits are really fun and build up nice
  8. This was another rainy day build. I wanted the 3 pc body to be seamless so I had to build the interior then install it. Then mask it all off for filling & painting. These old Tom Daniel kits are great! Have a blast building them
  9. This is the box for the kit and my 9 foot long work bench that I’ll be building it on. The boat is 1/4 scale, 54” long , will be about 30-40 lbs depending on my power choice. It will accept a 32cc weed eater engine or electric. I’ll probably go electric.
  10. I’m starting this kit for the winter. It’s a old S & G Craft kit. I have the steering wheel finished. Hope to have it done by spring. We will see. The kit is laser cut with tons of machined parts.
  11. The topside of the chassis to the bottom of the interior tub, firewall, thinning of the hood to sit flush with the front fenders.
  12. Yes, only what was in the box
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