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  1. I've always used flip ups because the tunnel vision with the optivisor style (like the Carson model that Zippi got) really bothers me. Lots of people love them but I just couldn't get used to them. The flip ups (Tamiya or the Carson I have) work much better for my eyes as I can see peripherally. Everyone is different and that's why there are many styles to choose from.
  2. Great job! Love it... P.S... your mention of Steve's help are my feelings as well. He's helped me with good advice on my attempts at stock builds in the past as well.
  3. I used Tamiya's flip up "glasses" until I found a tip on these Carson flip ups. I like these as much as the Tamiya's except they're much more comfortable because they're not the clamp type but rather a headband type. The Tamiya's are pretty tight. The optics on these Carson's are every bit as good too. I got them on Amazon a few months ago.
  4. Love the color combo! Nice build.
  5. No worries Rog, thanks for checking.
  6. Big change! Love the new look!
  7. Nice build and I like the garage dio too.
  8. It needs some tweaking but a decent start. Only pieces I had on hand that worked. Maybe someone would do better.
  9. I added a line at the end of my post shortly after posting that said the photo of the scoop was only for reference but not included. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. This kit is mostly complete but lacks the hood scoop. If I don't trade I'll probably end up making my own scoop as I haven't had any luck finding one to buy or trade for. Otherwise, I had to make a replacement front spindle for one that was missing and also needed to replace the kit rear glass (deep tire mark) with clear sheet which is included. Decals look so-so but are complete and the box is decent. I'm looking for kits or rebuilders from 66 and up to maybe 75. I have quite a few already, but still have many I need. Annuals only and primarily I try and stick to full size although I wo
  11. Joseph's stuff is first class and he's great to work with! I wish all aftermarket vendors ran their business's like his.
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