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  1. Welcome! It's all about what makes you proud when you build. You'll learn a ton here, as I have. Great place to hang out as well.
  2. Welcome Guy! Enjoy your time here.
  3. I gave an Opti-visor a test trial but returned it to Amazon. I know many people use them and love them, I just prefer my well used Tamiya flip-up magnifying visor. Personal preference I guess. I think the Tamiya's are now more expensive than the Optivisors but come with 3 lenses so that helps a bit. Can't go wrong with either I guess.
  4. Sad part is that many who initially see this listing bid before taking the time to spend some time looking closely at what's included. The lure of a nice box of a semi-rare kit catches your eye more than looking at the parts. The front bumper on the tree is what immediately caught my eye. Got worse from there. I study everything I can before bidding and often ask for more photos if anything is questionable. Matter of fact, I've lost out on buy-it-nows while looking stuff up to verify what I'm buying.
  5. This is the only photo I could find of a 70 trunk lid that had the shape depression in the middle. 99.9% were flat. Same with 69, I found one with the same type of trunk lid. Not sure why these two popped up when searching while all others were flat. Looks like both AMT kits had this trunk lid though I think.
  6. I did this morning when I saw it. Haven't heard back.
  7. Like many of us I browse ebay for stuff I'm looking for. One is a 69 Imp. This one popped up this morning and I sensed a bit of (un)intentional description deception. My opinion is it sure looks like all but the box may be a 70? If so, hope this doesn't cause problems with the buyer if it goes for typical 69 prices. The listing description says "Orginal AMT Vintage 1969 Chevy Impala Junkyard. Not Sure What All Is Here. What You See Is What You Get! Sold As Is! Box Is In Great Condition For 50+ Years Old!" Maybe I'm wrong.... I know I won't bid on it
  8. Great build and gorgeous paint! Congrats!
  9. Following this build with interest! So far, so great!
  10. A pair of nice builds Dave!
  11. Fortunately, there's Model Empire in Milwaukee that I rely on for the occasional Tamiya rattle can and bottles. We live 3.5hrs north of Milwaukee but visit there often because two of our daughters live in a burb and the shop is a quick 20 min drive. Sure beats adding shipping costs for one or two cans.
  12. Beautiful build and great color choice as well!
  13. I picked up a couple of those Riv's probably at the same time at HL as you did Tom... for me that Riv and also an on clearance 62 Electra were great buys for having lots of goodies for stuff I like to do. Clearance for $7? Ummmmm..... yes.
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