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  1. Friggin ROCKS!!! One of the nicest I have seen.
  2. Thanks Brian. I need to charge up the batteries for the camera.
  3. I lost all the pictures of all my builds thanks to photo bucket. Its a lot of work to repost them all. Sucks it ruined my story. Anyways the Pete is still not finished yet I am at the lighting stage now but.......... I now cant justify spending the money in lights to only take a picture to show it. It's way to big to lug off to any model show. I don't know still pondering over it. I'll have to post some new pictures of the girl.
  4. As always very nice work Ken.
  5. I stumbled across this kit for 10 bucks that was already started. It's an old MPC 1/16 scale Cobra 427. The engine was started and painted weird colors. I took it all apart and repainted and reassembled the engine. This is what I have done now. Ken.
  6. Chris, Nice Cobra. I'm just starting this same kit now. Any flaws or issues with this kit that you are willing to share. Ken.
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