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  1. Thanks guys! I'll give Dawn a try when I start on one.
  2. Just thin it and spray it as per the label, then clear it with your favorite clear.
  3. I still have the trailer and some of the luggage from when I built mine as a kid. Talk about memories.
  4. You can add me to the list, I also had a great trade with Al.
  5. I enjoyed it as well, even if it proves to be a rather costly evening. 😄 Nice that we can do this on a regular basis. You also motivated me to get the foil work started on my '59 as well.
  6. Friday and Saturday are open, but you still need to sort. 😄
  7. I think I have you covered.
  8. I went through there a number of years ago and brought back plenty of pics of those models.
  9. Great cars. I have a couple just like them that I built from my parts boxes.
  10. Love this generation Nova. I will be following.
  11. Great work with the added interior detail, but I must say that the omission of the wing window cranks stand out rather glaringly since you added the others.
  12. That is a beauty. We had two 69's growing up. Two door hardtop with fastback roof, white with navy blue vinyl top and interior. Also a Kingswood wagon. Navy blue ext/int. The blue on that wagon was gorgeous. I will be following for sure.
  13. Did some trading for these additions to my '59-'60 collection.
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