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  1. Very nice work Lin, the video was good and helpful.
  2. Love the color, you did a fantastic job! Very nice model.
  3. Amazing build, great detail.
  4. Very nice detail work! That is a fantastic looking model, looks like you could jump in and fire it up!!
  5. I would call that a win too Ray, coming along very nicely! Great job.
  6. Got the latest issue in the mail the other day and as a long time subscriber I've got to say it is impressive! I really enjoy the "Forum Finds" section, what a great idea and an excellent way to tie the magazine and forum together. Nice job on the Desert Scale Classic coverage, all together a great success!!
  7. Excellent work, beautiful build!
  8. Very nice clean model of a great subject we don't see too often!
  9. Great job, Chucks decals are the best.
  10. Hey Dan you listed three registration deadline as May 1, but the website shows May 31st. Are you trying to freak us out or push us to get things done? Looking forward to another great contest!!
  11. What a perfect name for a model!! I would like to put those decals on a few of mine. Great job on the Ford Vega hybrid.
  12. Amazing work Ian!! There is a group of you who have taken model building to a whole nother level.
  13. Excellent build and great pictures! Very convincing model, well done!
  14. That is a gorgeous looking model. Paint, interior, and detail work are all very well done. Fantastic build!
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