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  1. Excellent detailing on the old Heller kit, Ken - your upgrades lift this to another level and give us some new ideas (f. e. dashboard)
  2. I can see that you are frustrated, Pierre - but don't let yourself discourage by this setback. Things like that happen to all of us sometimes. Take a break form the SLR and make a new attempt when you are in the mood for it.
  3. x 2: These are excellent racecar models, Allan with perfect weathering. The Mk IV is also from Mini Exotics?
  4. Good-looking Porsche, Allan - never saw one in momo livery. MRRN was/is a great source of information/inspiration (I too have all of them somewhere)
  5. Excellent models, Ken - all of them. My favorites have to be the Martini Porsches from 1971 and the Abarth Carrera. The big 1/12 Ferrari is museum quality.
  6. Great looking model - this proves that a fine model could be built from the crude resin kit (I have 2 in my stash). Nice color , too (not all Porsches have to be silver and not all Ferraris must be red)
  7. A letter from Indycals came today with a few decals for future builds...
  8. You did it again, Mario - very nice job, excellent build and pictures as always.
  9. You always amaze me with your painstaking attention to the subtle differences in contours and to the smallest details, Pierre. Finally, when all is said and done, it will look like you have turned a 1961 Italeri body into an earlier 1960 version to anyone not following this thread. I will keep this for reference and try to repeat some of the techniques you show here in my future builds: the grille work - outstanding. Oh - I have to hurry up and go to work - I was just eagerly awaiting your next step on this WIP, so I had to look it up early in the morning :-)
  10. Excellent model, Misha - I have been following this for a while. We modelers all know such things happen (especially after removing masking when paint comes off or a decal) - nevertheless it is very annoying. Just like running out of gas in the last lap of a race. If you have a piece of the red decal leftover, I would try to complete the missing parts of the stripe. If not, I would take Pierre's advice and cover it with red color and a fine brush.
  11. Exceptional model, Louis - you belong to that rare breed of modelers who are able to let plastic look like it is metal.
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