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  1. Here are some italian-made Politoys models from ca. 1970: Toys back then (everything opens, working steering), but a good base for improvement: aside from the de Tomaso Mangusta which is toolong and too flat, bodies have rather good proportions. Here are: Abarth 2000 SP (2 - ltr. sports prototype, 1968), Alfa Carabo (Bertone dream car, 1968) and de Tomaso Mangusta (model is of the 1966 prototype) and the 1966 OSI Scarabeo (Alfa Romeo):
  2. Well done, Tim - you made it look much more realistic! A little TLC can really make the difference and you can enhance the look of the whole model. I like that, too.
  3. Very nice build of this early mopar, Gareth - I love the cleanlook with the blackwall tires (I think you used a lot of Bare-metal foil on this one!)
  4. How could I miss this one? Great model, Paul - I think I need also one of these...
  5. Very nice, Bart - I have a soft spot for the '66 Batmobile - it brings back childhood memories. Very interesting to see it side-by-side with the Lincoln Futura: you can clearly see the similarities, but at the same time the differences
  6. Could yours be a built-up of Sankyo's 1931 Alfa Romeo Gran Sport (has been reissued in 1970 by Midori, in 1975 by Union, in the 80's once again by Union, and finally in the late 80's by Revell)
  7. Here are 2 pictures of the QR from the 2010 "Alfa Romeo Centenary Collection":
  8. You have a Lancia B 24 Spyder in between those Alfas, Gary (the silver one with red interior)
  9. Very nice build, Alan - the 1963 championship winning car of my favorite driver.
  10. Thanks, Trevor - most of my built-ups are "old school" - no airbrush, trim in most cases silver paint, no expensive aftermarket parts...
  11. Sorry, pics should be below and not above...
  12. I have built one in the '80s - it was called "Street fighter" it had quite a few issues (IIRC, it could not be built stock, but only as a street rod/lowrider) - here was my built-up:
  13. Thank you, Steve - I painted it with spray-cans I had at hand, trim is silver Humbrol paint.
  14. I remember Airfix' 1/32 Ford T-Model (in plastic bag!) - I built this one more than 50 years ago I have a JoHan '68 Imperial HT promo that was molded in an ugly "Popeye spinach green" !
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