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  1. Thanks, TJ - might have worked, but I have sold this one (and more than 60 others).
  2. Excellent idea, Gary - this will do the trick! Painting the window frames flat black gives the impression of a larger window opening - I will do the same with mine! (the red hot Italians are cheap die-casts from Jouef, Danbury mint, Politoys and the QR Alfa Romeo collection - all slightly modified.)
  3. Very nice Gary - these two models don't have much in common - each has some strong and some weak points (I have the resin transkit from Umi, I think - must be from the early 90's - looks like a re-pop of your K & B body). The Jouef GTO I snapped for € 13,00 (= about 15 $) in 2014 in its original package, only 1 wiper was missing - talk about a steaI ! I modified it a little bit for the 12 h Reims 1964: With some other red hot Italians:
  4. NAIL, of course... ... and afterwards reglue the 2 frame parts with epoxy or superglue to the clear part of the windshield.
  5. NIce rendition of this old bird, Timothy. Your comment about the windshield and its frame hits the mail on its head - Look at this: " Mind the gap, please !" Maybe it will work if one cuts 1 or 2 mm off in the middle of the upper frame... ?
  6. Very nice build - this is one of my holy trucking grails.... Which one did you like more - the original or the new release?
  7. Thank you, David ! Thanks, JC ! Thank you, Bruce ! Thank you, Bill - such cars are my favorites.
  8. If you want to build a perfect old Alfa Romeo touring car you should look for a Tamiya GTA together with the excellent transkit from Scale production - I have this in my stash waiting to be built, here is the link: https://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p1685_transkit-alfaromeo-gtaj.html
  9. Thank you, Rich - I like Alfas, but there are only a few kits available. Thanks, Carl ! Thank you, Dave - minilites would have also been an option if built today (they were used in TransAm and sometimes in historic motorsports). Thank you, Frank ! Thanks, Trevor - the period look is what I was trying to achieve.
  10. This is a 1990 build of Gunze's GTAm which is at best mediocre: the proportions are wrong (roof to low and arched too much - the wheels are too big and therefore the stance is too high. The plastic is very hard and brittle, the interior is soft vinyl and the details are crude (wipers, hood fasteners). Anyway, I painted it in a typical livery of the time, fabricated some quick tank cap in the trunk with the usual decals from the spare box. It should have the small rear lights of the earlier models, but I left them as they were. A Very (!) simple roll-bar was also installed. This represents no p
  11. Thank you, Gary - kits of 60s sports racers are my favorite modeling objects. Thank you, Rich - I don't want to paint all my Ferraris in red (one of my Fujimi 330 P4 will be turned into the yellow Francorchamps 412 P of Willy Mairesse from the Spa 1000 km race in 1967 which was won by Jacky Ickx in the Mirage Mk I) Thanks, Justin - Maranello Concessionaires participated in LM 1967 with their own 412 P driven by Richard Attwood and Piers Courage.
  12. Thanks, Chris ! No problem at all, Tony ! Concerning Heller kits, I sold off my 917 Le Mans winners when Fujimi released their version. The Ferrari 512 S are still in my stash, albeit from Protar and Wave (= reboxed Heller kits). Thanks, Justin - it was available for little money back then....
  13. Very nicerendition of the runner-up car from Daytona 1967, Justin ( I have 3 in my stash, one will be made as the yellow 412P Ecurie Francorchamps car from the race in Spa 1967)
  14. Built in 1988 from the Union reissue of Heller's old Ferrari P 4. I wanted to build it in different colors than the works cars: in 1967, Ferrari customers could buy "updated P3" racers which had the engine specification of the 1966 car, but the new body mods of the 1967 330 P 4 - these hybrids were called 412 P, looked like the P4 and were used by Luigi Chinetti's N.A.R.T., Maranello Concessionaires (UK), Ecurie Francorchamps (Belgium), Scuderia Filipinetti (Switzerland) and Englishman David Piper. So I choose to build a David Piper version in its typical BP green (reference was a 1/43 d
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