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  1. The condom ad with the 2 guys in their underwear standing on the bed. That is revolting-I don't care who you are.
  2. Yup. That's the guy. I learned a lot from him back in the day. Glad to see him get some credit for his work.
  3. I remember a guy named Don Emmonds (I believe) who was the resident modeler for the magazine. This was my first magazine subscription when I was a kid. I started getting R&C back in the late '50s. I still have a few somewhere in a binder.
  4. Thanx guys. I appreciate the input.
  5. I like the shot gun slug holes. Nice touch.
  6. I'm about to use BMF for the first time & was wondering if you apply it before or after clearcote? Does it matter?
  7. I cheat a little bit. First I assemble the suspension & make everything as square as I can. I make the mounting holes in the wheel backs slightly oversize with just a little bit of play. When I glue the wheels on I place all the tires on a piece of glass (flat surface) & use machinist V blocks pressed up to the wheels & eyeball the alignment from the top. Works every time & I always have all 4 on the ground.
  8. Back when I was a little kid I always thought 1 model equaled 1 tube of glue. The logic of an 8 year old. I guess that's why all my early models weighed about half a pound. ALL glue.
  9. Can decals be applied on top of a polished wax surface?
  10. Thanx Robyn. Please let me know when you can. I found a body on Ebay but no interior or glass. From the pictures it looks kind of rough too.
  11. I've tried contacting them over the past several months with no response. See my post in the "resins" topic section. Thanx anyway.
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