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  1. How did you do the Power Tour sticker? I am a 15 time long hauler and would love to add that to my builds
  2. I love it! I plan on doing the same thing to replicate my 2012. Finishing up my first one right now before I realized it was a long bed. I guess the excitement clouded my vision! Got four more and they will all be done this way!
  3. One of the Coolest Custom Car Shows around with a great model contest to boot! Come out and spend the day and enjoy the music, cars and models. straykat.pdf
  4. If you think they are slouches I can see you need a ride in one. I have one sitting in my shop and it pulls harder through the qtr mile than my 440 big block Mopar!
  5. Very clean. Is there a red intake to go with those red valve covers! Lol! Yep its a 94 also the gauges were digital not analog in the 94 and the back qtr window is different too. I know every square inch of these things like the back of my hand and you are pretty much dead on. As far as the rear fender scripts go, that is one of the first things new Wimpy owners did when they bought one. Hope to build my 96 Wimpy some day just going to take a ton o kit bashing to get it done!
  6. Very nice! I love the underhood detail! I have that kit in the stash and thought about putting it in the sell pile, but my mind has been changed ( stupid ADD). I love the red but I also want another color so as to make the purists angry!
  7. Very sweet! You got to give us the info on the grill!
  8. Don't fret too much! No matter if I am building big hot rods or models I am never happy. You are your own worst critic, just remember that. Give time and your skills will show through. I understand, finally assembly is my biggest enemy! Looks good so move on and crank out a killer Mopar!
  9. Well after a long break from the bench I am back again! With the Hot Rod Power Tour and boat season there has not been much time or energy left for modeling. Now its so stinkin hot in Oklahoma there is plenty of time indoors now! Here is my latest, a dare from a fellow modeler to go pink! Pink is a blend of HOK red and white paint and the roof is ALSA chrome over cleared white base. Pics don't do the roof justice due to the flash. I have BMF'd part of it but you can hardly see it. Motor is hemi from the Revell Magnum kit and wheels are a Pegasus!
  10. Man that thing is sharp, was this the old Hot Rod kit or did you use something else. The stance is dead on, now I need to get man out of the stash so I can build it.
  11. I am real partial to the 66-67 Mopar B Bodys myself. I attempted one of these kits to build the future look of my Mopar and was unhappy with the fit of the back bumper finish panel piece and have since shelved that project until I can cut it up into 3 pieces. Great build I love that car and have often thought about painting my 1:1 silver but can't decided
  12. It may have already been asked before, but where did the short bed come from? Sweet truck Ma Mopar would be proud!
  13. Very very nice! That is the way I love to see 1:1's look! Great execution!
  14. Great use of the high performance goodyear hoses. I know allot of Impala guys use them but they only look right on patrol cars!
  15. Alright Nellis stop it, you are making me look real bad now! That thing turned out awesome. The color really popped on it. I guess you going to Texas with guns loaded this year! Sickfish I do believe those wheels are the ones out of the Revell 57 Chevy Snapper with Pegasus Sleeves but Marc can correct me if I am wrong since he is the wheel king!
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