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  1. Looks pretty darn good to me. It is a shame the striping paint blead a bit. but short of that, it looks real nice. I have built a number of the Fujimi kits as well as a number of the Revell kits. My only hang-up with the Fujimi kit is the wheel height. I lowered the ride height on my builds and it looks better to me. Well done.
  2. Very well done, not your usual cup of tea, certainly different. I love the creativity and taking up the challenge of doing something different. Box stock is simple, but throwing away the instruction sheet and breaking new ground is infinitely more gratifying. Nice job.
  3. Great execution on a unique design. Very cool.
  4. I have a number of favorite builds. Here in no particular order.This car has a remote control sunroof that opens and closesThe rear section of this one opens and closed by remote control
  5. Chevrolet was getting great reviews in the early 50s when they showcased the new Corvette. Looking to build on the great press, and kind of, spread the excitement around other GM brands, the Corvette chassis was "loaned out" to the other design studios under the corporate umbrella. Buick basically took the rear three quarters of the Corvette with minor taillight changes and dropped on the front end styling from their road cars, and presto, they had a sport roadster to showcase. In the early version of the car, it has a very unique feature in that the headlights were mounted next to the wind
  6. Beautiful paint! Super clean and crisp. I did one in metallic red, personally, the Miura is my favorite Lambo since it has the cleanest and most flowing lines. Todays Lambo's are amazing, but I find the angular lines rather "off putting" compared to the smooth lines of the Miura.
  7. Completed Testors (early Fujimi kit) Impulse. See WIP post if you are interested in the plan and early build with body modifications. Painted Rust-oleum Matte Citron. Top layered with Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigment Interference gold mixed with Tamiya gloss clear, then topped with Tamiya pearl clear with a final topping of Tamiya gloss clear. Carbon fiber hood decal material is a sheet of Scale Motorsport cut to fit. Window were sprayed with Tamiya smoke on the inside surface and black marker used for the window borders. Hood scoop is to bring in fresh air to the turbo intercooler. Interio
  8. Very well done. I did a very similar version with the hardtop from the Corvette Hardtop grafted on into a race car also. Looks great, like the idea of the vinyl paint mask rings. Different.
  9. Very nicely done, I am really looking forward to seeing the C9R kit. Whenever Revell of Germany gets around to it. Nice color. The C8, is the mid engine Corvette that the car magazines have been teasing us with for the past 40 years. Finally here, and Chevy, most definingly got it right.
  10. Very nice. I enjoy seeing different color Ferrari's. Red is nice, but it is getting a bite boring. I have a 250 GTO which I will be doing in moss pale green since there is a real one that color and it is so different looking. But, I do like the metallic moss green you did.
  11. Looks great, I just love the split bumper second generation Camaros, and this looks like a wonderful representation of the car.
  12. Update as of March 12th. First, I am not building a stock representation of this car, but a modified vehicle with a turbo, body mods and a few "tricks" so I will be taking a few "liberty's" with it. The moonroof opening is finished and I have the beginnings of the enlarged wheel openings to allow for a more aggressive look.. Later I will add the lower side skirts between the wheel openings and the front air BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. This car is a rear drive vehicle, the successor to the car in the 1990's had a transverse mounted engine and front-wheel drive, but this has a longitudinal mounted
  13. I haven't posted anything to the "On the workbench" section because it is just too cumbersome for me to do it, and because I tend to write far too much about what, and why I did what I did, and I know the bulk of you guys don't really care about my thought process anyway. But having said that, I thought this one last time, I would indulge myself and document some of the work I will be doing to this rather "Oddball" subject. As much as I am a "Car Guy", I must admit, Isuzu vehicles were never really on my radar. At a couple of the dealer groups I worked at back in the 70's and 80's we
  14. Beautiful, excellent build of the highest quality. Great job!
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