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  1. Highly advanced German jet bombers have made it across the Atlantic and now threaten New York! Space-age technology years ahead of the Allies allows the Luftwaffe to strike back! America’s nose bloodied! Hitler’s new fighting jets open a terrifying new front in a truly global war! War Cabinet sent reeling! If those sound like headlines from a pulp fiction novel, dime-store boy’s annual or some kind of alternate history movie poster, then you’re pretty much on the right track. However, it’s also an accurate depiction of the box art on one of my favourite models of all time, the
  2. Stef, Stef, Stef... What is wrong with you? Have you been living inside my head, or my basement? Those two big composite photos of '80s MPC kits are AWESOME, and dude, you are right on my wavelength!! I love the 80's MPCs! 80s MPC cars are like Matchbox planes and armour to me - I gotta have 'em!!! I would love to see the '76 Pontiac and Superhawk, plus that obnoxious Turbo Z and the awesome "Turbo Bird" at least, reissued. I have so many of the others, but none of the Ford Vans, so Sorcerer or Juke Box would be epic! I don't know if Round 2 would go for all new decals an
  3. Man, that's awesome that this one is back out! Never have too many Street/Show vans!! I built this one a while ago, in a previous iteration: https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/cars/124-monogram-custom-70s-van-sundance-express/ While I do like the new stripes, I wish they'd have included some of the murals and panel decals my iteration came with. Still, it's a great kit, with both opening hood and full interior - it's a far cry better than the AMT Ford vans that are "closed" and "hollow". It builds well and you can have a TONNE of fun with it! Nice work,
  4. See, that's why I'm here. Now everyone can go out and add it to their wish list, and there'll be a sudden swelling of love the world over for Supermarine's lost flying bridge span. Or, maybe not. I could go both ways, I guess...
  5. Man, that's looking great! If that's what you can do outside of your comfort zone, then the congrats is due double! Japanese tanks are just so abjectly pathetic. Only Italian armour is worse, and I love both subjects!
  6. Heck yeah! 1:1 scale cup ramen. Now you need a pilot helmet to put on it while it "cooks". (Area 88 joke... maybe nobody will get it...) I'd buy two if they weren't the same price as a good-sized HGUC Gundam. However, they are, and I can't bring myself to pull the trigger. Still, epic review of an epic kit. I can hardly wait to see what they come out with next.
  7. I guess it’s true – it’s always the ones you least expect! When I bagged a tonne of Matchbox kits a month or so ago, and I asked everyone to vote on which they’d like to see reviewed first, I figured it’d be something relatively famous, and weird only in it’s being a Matchbox. Something like a Spitfire or Tempest or Panther, even the Prowler. Nope. I mean, there were some weird ones in there, with the Siskin and BAE-125/Dominie, so I was thinking maybe that would be the most popular. Nope again. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised when it was the biggest and weirdest of
  8. I think the use of "brains" in those quotes tells you everything we need to know. I mean, if the New Monkees seem like a good idea, then why wouldn't a marbleized Stang be just as good? Right?
  9. Oh, man! I knew this one was going to provoke a reaction! That's interesting about just how phoned-in the kit is, Chuck. I'll be honest: Whereas I normally do scrupulous research on a car I intend to build stock (Difficult for the MPC Monza "S" Sportback, believe me...), this one was different. I honestly just didn't care. I thought the engine looked very out of date, but then again, the whole concept was so misbegotten that it seems fitting. With that being said, when I build it, I think I may just leave the plastic bare. I can gloss and buff the plastic as the actual paintwork.
  10. It’s not a surprise when companies try to associate themselves with what’s “new” and “cool”. While modelling in the 2020’s might not be quite so fixated on this, there was a time when modelling was a more general hobby and companies did try to ride the coat tails of profitable and hoped-to-be profitable enterprises. There are lots of kits of vehicles from famous TV shows produced from the ‘60s to the ‘80s, so it really comes as no surprise that Monogram also decided to produce a kit from the much-hyped “New Monkees” TV show that aired in 1987. Sadly, Monogram’s bet didn’t pay off, and t
  11. Man, that looks awesome! All of those trikes look great! I just got the Torque Trike, and I'm itchin' to get building it, but I pending Matchbox score could delay it. These are the tough choices we face... Hey PatW: Don't feel bad. In Canada it costs $30 too at my local store, but it was worth it!
  12. Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for old kits and obscure subjects. However, I also have a thing for cool robots, and if you stick a cannon on its shoulder or a beam shield on its arm, chances are good I’m going to buy it. Now… what if you have an old kit, that also has a beam shield??? Yeah, you KNOW that’s going to get me excited! And, it just so happens Bandai must have known that too, since they reissued a bunch of F-91 and Silhouette F-91 kits a couple of years ago. The first one I had a chance to get to the bench was the 1/100 Cluster Gundam. This has a special place in my
  13. Hey Charlie, thanks for the info! I'm really surprised it was wood, when the rest of the car was painted. Why would they (no pun intended) do that, I wonder? I've seen some cars that have the "box" on the frame where the seat and gas tank go painted, and I saw at least one in wood. However, painted seems de-rigeur. However, I do still have some reservations about "wooding" the firewall. I'd hate to do it and then find it was actually a common over-restore. Good ideas, though! Thanks! Also, would the flywheel be body colour, or black? I think I've seen both.
  14. If it’s one thing I normally don’t associate my modelling interests with it’s 1/35 armour. I’m just not that big into armour that I want to spend the time and money on large-scale tank kits. Normally, I just get the COBI (Polish Lego) tanks and build them if I want a big tank. They’re fun and easy. I’m also not super-attached to or enthralled by any armoured vehicles. Well, okay, there are a couple, but they’re darned few. One, however, that I definitely have a thing for is the South African G6 Rhino SP Gun. I love things with six wheels, I love oddballs, and what is odder than the G6 in
  15. Nice score, Charlie! I'm going to be doing mine in a variant of that creamy colour, with red-maroon under the fenders. I think that' is just mega-sharp! One thing on these old Hupps (and old cars in general) that worries me is the wooden dash. Would it really have been polished wood? The pics online of that tattered blue one with the red interior shows the dash painted. I don't know how old a paintjob that is, and have no clue if it's original or not. However, the wood dashes strike me as being like the beds of 50's pickups. They were all painted black, but when you see "resto
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