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  1. I got the info on the Hupmobile right from the president of the Owner's Club. If there's a Porter Owner's Club, I'd try there, or if there isn't (which wouldn't surprise me) there might be some kind of antique car society thing around you could ask. A stock Porter would be awesome!
  2. I love those cars, and that one looks awesome! Great work, man, on a weird subject to boot!
  3. That sucks about blowing the propshaft. At least the car doesn't weight too much to push! Thanks for the condolences. At least it was in his sleep, so you can't argue with that.
  4. One of the fun parts of modelling is picking a subject that’s a bit different, or outside your comfort zone. Sure, it’s always fun to build a subject you know lots about, but building something unusual usually leads one to finding out a lot of interesting history and information about the subject. Thus, the experience is both informative and enjoyable, and who knows, maybe it even gives you a chance to acquire some new tricks! For me, that’s exactly what happened when I build the old Hawk (nee Kaysun) 1909 Hupmobile that my friend Alan sent me by mail. I have always liked brass-era cars,
  5. Lol, I'm glad that's the case! I agree... that's typical GM. I don't know why they can't perfect it, then sell it, instead of the other way around... I like powerful four-doors. Nobody really expects them to haul arse at a light, so many-a-tuned-Honda have been taken by surprise! I like those cars too, just not enough to build them. I hear you about parts support, too... The G8 is impossible to support, at least in Canada!
  6. Well, it’s summer time, and that means Hobby Shop Road Trips! Sadly, though, with COVID still smacking my home provice around, it’s not quite to that point. Thankfully, though, one of my local shops managed to buy a whole tonne of old kits, so I’ve been able to recreate the experience just by going across town! Over the last bit, I’ve managed to acquire a lot of kits I’d not seen before, including a large number of Japanese floatplanes, as well as some WWII and even some Jets from Hasegawa and Fujimi, primarily. Of course, I also picked up some other weirdness, because why wouldn’t I?
  7. I would kill for a stock Henry J. I love the styling on those. Cheap as heck, sure, but cute as a button, and they'd have looked awesome scaled up, too. An ALLSTATE?? Heck Yeah, I'd buy that!!
  8. I don't mind some cars' styling from the '70s. My dad had a '76 Tornio, and I loved the looks of it. Same with my Uncle's '77 Cougar and, of course, early and late ('79) T/As are among my favourite cars ever! I also like the mid '70s Darts and, yes I know it's weird, but I ADORE notchback Mustang IIs. So much cooler than the '79 Fox-Stang. I often like the styling on cars that are too small for my tastes, too. A good example for me is the '88 Fiero GT. I love those, but they're too small. I also love the Kia Stinger, but found out the other day on a test drive that it's just a bit too
  9. Hey Jim! I see my reputation precedes me! I like that you automatically think of me when you see loser cars. That means I've done my job well. I always liked these, but the later ones more than the first ones. The follow on, the Corrado, was a lot better looking still. Regardless, both were better than a Rabbit/Golf. Since I wasn't building back then I didn't get to see the transition to imports, but it surprises me nonetheless. As an aficionado of the "loser"-type, though, I approve! Most cars from then were lame. Horribly lame. They're cool now, though, in a lame way
  10. Man, that AMT-Ttop is ridiculous! I love it! Those sunset stripes really do work on anything, don't they? Nice Slam on that thing, man!
  11. Economy and responsibility are great traits for a car to have, especially if you’re the kind who doesn’t like to go far or fast, and views transportation equipment as an appliance. For those with that attitude, the Automotive Dark Ages really weren’t that much of a letdown. Uninspiring econoboxes with poor drivability and no style wouldn’t, and didn’t, bother them at all. It showed in the bulk of the products on offer in those days, too. However, for those who wanted some joy out of their driving, something more was needed. Sure, muscle cars were dead, but there’s a lot of wiggle room b
  12. Yeah, it's really not one of those cars that everyone is going to want to jump up and get a replica of, but I do think they are really very pretty. That the cheapo version is so dirty looking... well... that's just perfect for a late '70s car everyone wants to forget.
  13. Everyone who knows me knows I love loser cars. From Chevettes to Omnis and EXPs to Pacers, if it’s ugly or weird, I want it. However, that doesn’t just go for models. It goes for all kinds of replicas, including 1/43 replicas from Europe. Now, to North American tastes, many European cars of the ‘70s and ‘80s are pretty weird and, in some way, kinda loser-like. Sure, they’re not all like that, but thank goodness for French die-cast maker Solido, who sure seem to know how to pick the runts of the litter! To celebrate making it to 350,000 hits (almost, but close enough as of writing this),
  14. When it comes to Cold War interceptors, the Mig-25 and F-106 are probably two of the most famous. Terribly fast and pointy, these erstwhile bomber-killers exemplified all that was high-tech and paranoid at the same time. Sadly, they weren’t much good for much else, although the MiG had a more diverse portfolio by far. There were other, lesser-known and less adaptable aircraft though, that also stood ready to defend their homelands. One good example is the Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon family. These twin-engined, polished metal lawn darts plied their trade for a surprisingly long time, and are best
  15. Already asked my LHS to order me one. Can't wait!
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