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  1. Not to move away from the painting issues but I was noticing on the wheels which look nice murdered out that I would maybe think about drilling out the holes which it would make them look more realistic .... just my thoughts. On the paint I also like using the Tamiya line and I also use the Mr Hobby clear as well as the Tamiya clear and you can purchase the Mr Hobby clear from Amazon.
  2. Awesome building going on here !
  3. Yes Keith is still doing decals I just ordered 6 decal sheets from him.
  4. Looking Good ! Just a thought but what if you shorten the rear wing ?
  5. Looking Good ! I will be starting this kit and will be building it Yenko style.
  6. Nice build ! Love the green paint work and if I may ask what brand of paint did you use and was it airbrushed or spray can ?
  7. Thank You Steve ! It was a fun build !
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